100 Secrets and Habits of the Illuminati for Life Success

100 Secrets and Habits of the Illuminati for Life Success

Written by: George Mentz J. D. Mba CILS

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  • Publish Date: 2018-07-28
  • ISBN-10: 1717952879
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Book Summary

If you've ever read any self-help books, you'll know that many of them are quite the same. They talk about dealing with people, leading, managing, making money, making good decisions, building things, and cultivating the type of attitude that is necessary to have for success, among other things.So, there's a lot of common denominators in self-help books. If you read a top success book, however, they're a little bit different - a little bit more straightforward, a little bit more of the WEALTH mindset built into them, which is a no-nonsense, honest approach designed to maximize the reader's time. These books just want to give you the facts and the information needed to get the job done.This little summary covers a number of key topics, ideas, and concepts that will help you get into the mind of leaders like Trump, Pickens, Gates, Bezos, Google's Page, and other billionaire entrepreneurs. I am not a profiler, but you could call me a scientist of behavioral leadership and metaphysics. Mind you, I've read hundreds of books written by success gurus, world leaders, and billionaires, and, based on these observations, here are some of the fundamentals that make up the character of someone who makes it BIG. With the information in this book, you will be informed of how top performers think and, more importantly, how a self-made billionaire views you and your ethics.Don't forget that top leaders have been making billions for 20+ years and have been paying and leading thousands of employees for decades. They have been working tirelessly for decades to become the best they can be, improve their community, be a master builder and philanthropist, and defend his nation: thus, success is NO accident. This work was originally commissioned at the request of George Mentz at the conclusion of a 25-year research project based upon conversations of over 500 global leaders in over 50 countries, including such self-made giants as CEOs, inventors, MVP Athletes, world champions, presidents, bishops, kings, royalty, billionaires, and top gurus on the subject.The Law of Achievement was first delivered as a lecture, and part of this famous guidance was given in China, Arabia, Europe, India, Latin America, the West Indies, and throughout Asia.To go to the next level, read this book intently, contemplate the timeless wisdom contained, take action, and become a master of your destiny. This is the timeless framework for achievement and progress that has been proven to work over the last 25 years."Belief is the energy that animates the wings of the soul." GM

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