An Anthology of Piano Music The Romantic period

A repertory of piano works by major composers of the 19th century.

An Anthology of Piano Music  The Romantic period

A repertory of piano works by major composers of the 19th century.

A Chronological History of Australian Composers and Their Compositions Vol 3 1985 1998

Gillian Whitehead: 4 SHORT PIECES for piano is composed to a commission from Allen's for the Australian Bicentennial Anthology of piano music. THE BRIDE OF FORTUNE (3-act chamber opera with prologue) is composed to a commission from the ...

A Chronological History of Australian Composers and Their Compositions   Vol  3 1985 1998

In this third of 4 volumes that include more than 800 composers and over 30,000 compositions Stephen traces the history and development of Classical music in Australia. From obscure and forgotten composers to those who attained an international reputation this volume reveals their output, unique experiences and travails. The formation and demise of music ensembles, institutions, venues and festivals is part of the story and included in the narrative are performers, conductors, entrepreneurs, educators, administrators, instrument makers, musicologists, music critics and philanthropists. A concise yet comprehensive picture of Australian music making can be found in any given year.

Discovering Piano Etudes

Mixed Repertoire ESSENTIAL KEYBOARD DUETS ESSESTIAL KEYBOARD REPERTOIRE 1 ANTHOLOGY OF ROMANTIC PIANO MUSIC #LATTE ... Perfect Masterpieces Volume 1 ( 3381 ) Volume 2 ( 3382 ) Volume 3 ( 3383 ) Volume 4 ( 3384 ) Recital Gems Book 1 ...

Discovering Piano Etudes

This collection of etudes for late intermediate to early advanced pianists includes pieces by Cramer, MacDowell, Czerny, Moscheles and Moszkowki. The etudes provide an enjoyable way to develop technique, thereby preparing the student for more challenging repertoire. The book contains concise biographies of each composer and features carefully thought out fingering for each etude.

The Singer s Musical Theatre Anthology Volume 3

As Volume 3 of The Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology proves, there is an amazing heritage of theatre repertoire and a ... score (or vocal score) of a show, allowing a more authentic rendition than standard piano/vocal sheet music.

The Singer s Musical Theatre Anthology   Volume 3

(Vocal Collection). 40 songs. Highlights: Christmas Lullaby (Songs for a New World) * From Chopin to Country (Cowgirls) * Getting to Know You (The King and I) * The Girls of Summer (Marry Me a Little) * How Many Tears? (Martin Guerre) * I Have Confidence (The Sound of Music) * I Remember (Evening Primrose) * In His Eyes (Jekyll & Hyde) * In My Life (Les Miserables) * It Never Was You (Knickerbocker Holiday) * Italian Street Song (Naughty Marietta) * A Little Bit of Good (Chicago) * Mr. Right (Love Life) * Once Upon a Dream (Jekyll & Hyde) * Once You Lose Your Heart (Me and My Girl) * Ribbons Down My Back (Hello, Dolly!) * So Many People (Saturday Night) * Someone to Watch Over Me (Oh, Kay!) * Something Good (The Sound of Music) * Sons Of (Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris) * Still (Titanic) * There's a Small Hotel (On Your Toes) * Think of Me (The Phantom of the Opera) * Unexpected Song (Song and Dance) * Waitin' for My Dearie (Brigadoon) * Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again (The Phantom of the Opera) * Wouldn't It Be Loverly? (My Fair Lady)

Singer s Musical Theatre Anthology Duets Volume 3

This series does not use piano/vocal sheet music arrangements. All songs are presented in the most authentic manner possible, as performed in the original show. This volume of duets presents a variety of music, with shows dating from ...

Singer s Musical Theatre Anthology Duets Volume 3

(Vocal Collection). The world's most trusted source for great theatre literature for singing actors. The book features authentic editions of each duet in the original keys. The duets have been carefully chosen and are culled from a wide selection of classics and contemporary shows.

Alan Bush

13-23: Score in ink LETTER GALLIARD (Opus 80) For piano Written as a tribute to Shostakovich using the letters DSCH and ABSH, ... Volume 3) Manuscript: Whereabouts unknown Recordings: Altarus Records AIR-CD-9004 (1984/1993) Peter Jacobs ...

Alan Bush

Born in 1900, Alan Bush, the English composer, conductor and pianist, studied with Corder and Matthay, and privately with John Ireland. He was appointed professor of harmony and composition at the Royal Academy of Music in 1925, a post he held until 1978. In 1929-31, he continued to study at Berlin University and had piano lessons with Moiseiwitsch and Schnabel. The present Source Book documents his works (many of which reflect his Communist sympathies) and the many arrangements of music by other composers. A wealth of detail is provided, including printed scores, CD recordings, bibliographical material and manuscript scores and their locations, the majority of which have been deposited recently in the British Library by the Bush family. A chronology of the composer's life draws on many sources including letters and scrapbooks.

Guide to the Pianist s Repertoire third edition

Vol.3 : German Masters : 15 pieces by Krieger , Kuhnau , Marpurg , Mattheson , Muffat , Pachelbel , Murschhauser , Scheidt ... The George Anson Anthology of Piano Literature ( EV ) . ... An Anthology of Piano Music ( Agay - YMP 1971 ) .

Guide to the Pianist s Repertoire  third edition

"The Hinson" has been indispensable for performers, teachers, and students. Now updated and expanded, it's better than ever, with 120 more composers, expertly guiding pianists to solo literature and answering the vital questions: What's available? How difficult is it? What are its special features? How does one reach the publisher? The "new Hinson" includes solo compositions of nearly 2,000 composers, with biographical sketches of major composers. Every entry offers description, publisher, number of pages, performance time, style and characteristics, and level of difficulty. Extensively revised, this new edition is destined to become a trusted guide for years to come.

A Basic Music Library

A Basic Music Library

Lists scores and recordings for music library collections

Lexi Carmichael Mystery Series Volume 3

An Anthology Julie Moffett. while watching patrons wander about the hall. ... “It surprised me because I didn't expect to connect so completely with piano music, but I did. It's hard for me to say how good Tsang is in comparison to ...

Lexi Carmichael Mystery Series Volume 3

Don’t miss these four full-length mysteries in the Lexi Carmichael Mystery series from Julie Moffett No Room for Error After a series of high-profile cases at my cyberintelligence firm, I was looking forward to a simple job. All I had to do was personally deliver a revolutionary microchip to a manufacturing plant in Indonesia. Easy, right? Wrong. Someone else wants the design and is willing to kill to get it. A failed hijacking attempt lands me, Basia and our boss in the middle of the jungle. Our mission is clear: protect the microchip design from the hijackers on our tail...and survive. But how can a geek girl like me survive without access to my beloved technology? No Strings Attached Leave it to me, Lexi Carmichael, to become a target for an elite organization of cyber criminals simply by being in the wrong place at the right time. As if I didn’t have enough to worry about, I now have to keep my eyes peeled for people trying to kill me. After accidentally intercepting a dangerous hack into the NSA, things begin to get seriously complicated. Diplomats, danger and spies, oh, my! With Slash and my loyal friends by my side, I’m in a race against time to stop a team of sophisticated hackers on a deadly mission. My team of geeks is brilliant...but derailing an international plot for revenge will take everything we’ve got. No Living Soul My work as a computer geek has me traveling around the world, solving mysteries and fighting bad guys. You’d think I would’ve expected to be plagued by danger when I headed to Egypt with my best friend, Elvis, and boyfriend, Slash, to help track down Elvis’s missing and estranged father. Nope. Elvis’s father is hot on the trail of an ancient and elusive artifact…one that people are willing to kill to find. Tombs, tablets and code come together as we follow a set of clues that has been waiting millennia to be discovered. Cracking code is my specialty, but I never expected to tackle one from fifteen hundred years before the advent of written language. If the artifact falls into the wrong hands, we won’t be able to rewrite history… No Regrets When I agreed to stand by my best friend, Basia, on her big day, I had no idea what I was in for. Bouquets and unflattering evening wear I can handle. But between disgruntled dates, a beach venue and suspicious packages, what else can go wrong? Oh, right—my parents don’t know I’ve moved in with Slash. Oops? Thankfully, I’ve got everything semi under control, at least as far as Basia and Xavier know. They can leave for their honeymoon happy, knowing Elvis, Slash and I will keep things safe at home. Meanwhile, I’ve been asked to take a quick trip to retrieve a sensitive package from the British Virgin Islands. No hacking involved. Just show up, accept the package and bring it home safely. A cushy assignment, and a safe one. Right? Wrong. Things start to unravel the minute I set foot on the boat to the island. Before I know it, I’m up to my neck in thugs, sand and trouble. I’m going to have to work fast to stop the bad guys before the sun sets for good on this unexpected beach vacation…

Music Journal Annual Anthology

BOOK III Siegmeister ( 3-4 ) 1.25 FOUR SEASONS , THE ( For Violin & Orch . ) Vivaldi - Farina RIC 1.50 FITZWILLIAM VIRGINAL BOOK , THE Dart GMC 1.50 FUN FAIR Last ( Easy ) OUP 1.00 1.50 ANTHOLOGY OF ANCIENT AND MODERN MUSIC FOR PIANO ...

Music Journal Annual Anthology

Routledge Handbook of Asian Music Cultural Intersections

Saysay Himig: An Anthology of Transcultural Filipino Music 1880–1941 (2017) [Sound Recording]. Vol. 1: Piano Music, Vol. 2: Vocal and Instrumental and Vol. 3: Ensemble Music. Philippines: University of the Philippines, College of Music.

Routledge Handbook of Asian Music  Cultural Intersections

The Routledge Handbook of Asian Music: Cultural Intersections introduces Asian music as a way to ask questions about what happens when cultures converge and how readers may evaluate cultural junctures through expressive forms. The volume’s thirteen original chapters cover musical practices in historical and modern contexts from Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, including art music traditions, folk music and composition, religious and ritual music, as well as popular music. These chapters showcase the diversity of Asian music, requiring readers to constantly reconsider their understanding of this vibrant and complex area. The book is divided into three sections: Locating meanings Boundaries and difference Cultural flows Contributors to the book offer a multidisciplinary portfolio of methods, ranging from archival research and field ethnography to biographical studies and music analysis. In addition to rich illustrations, numerous samples of notation and sheet music are featured as insightful study resources. Readers are invited to study individuals, music-makers, listeners, and viewers to learn about their concerns, their musical choices, and their lives through a combination of humanistic and social-scientific approaches. Demonstrating how transformative cultural differences can become in intercultural encounters, this book will appeal to students and scholars of musicology, ethnomusicology, and anthropology.

The Masterwork in Music Volume II 1926

FRENCH PIANO MUSIC, AN ANTHOLOGY. ... Forty-one of his greatest works for solo piano, including the riveting C ... (Not available in France or Germany) 0-486-25137-3 Satie, Erik, GYMNOPÉDIES, GNOSSIENNES AND OTHER WORKS FOR PIANO.

The Masterwork in Music  Volume II  1926

Volume II of three-volume set features an essay on Mozart's Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, studies of Bach keyboard and solo cello works, and theoretical writings on sonata form and fugue and Schenkerian theory.

The Masterwork in Music Volume I 1925

FRENCH PIANO MUSIC, AN ANTHOLOGY. ... 3 in A minor, a brilliant 7-minute score; and Sonata No. ... (Not available in France or Germany) 0-486-25137-3 Satie, Erik, GYMNOPÉDIES, GNOSSIENNES AND OTHER WORKS FOR PIANO.

The Masterwork in Music  Volume I  1925

Three-volume set features complete translation of major writings by a distinguished Austrian music theorist. Volume I includes analyses of keyboard pieces by Bach, Scarlatti, Chopin, and Beethoven; Bach's music for solo violin, and more.

Books in Print

Books in Print

International Who s who in Music and Musicians Directory

Publications include: Earfy English Church Music, volume 3, 1964, volume 27, 1979; Anthology of Carols, 1968; Anthology ... Babyton; Orchestral: Music for orchestra 1956; Orchestral and Electronic Exchanges 1965; 3 Piano Concertos 1963.

International Who s who in Music and Musicians  Directory

This music reference contains biographical details of over 8000 composers, musicians, singers, arrangers, writers, conductors, soloists and managers. The revised appendices section includes listings of orchestras, opera companies, music libraries, music orgnizations and societies worldwide.

Suzuki Violin School Volume 3 Revised

New Musical Terms in Volume 3 p. 11 rall. ... 7, from the piano anthology, 8 Humoresques • Gavotte (Becker) Unknown • Gavotte in D (Bach) BWV 1068, Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D, 3rd movement • Bourrée (Bach) BWV 1009, Suite for Cello No.

Suzuki Violin School   Volume 3  Revised

Teach violin with the popular Suzuki Violin School. Revised edition features: * New engravings * New editing of pieces, including bowings and fingerings * 16 additional pages * Additional exercises, some from Dr. Suzuki, plus additional insight and suggestions for teachers * Glossary of terms in English, French, German and Spanish * Musical notation guide * Fingerboard position. Titles: * Study Points * Tonalization * Vibrato Exercises * Gavotte (P. Martini) * Minuet (J. S. Bach) * Gavotte in G Minor (J. S. Bach) * Humoresque (A. Dvorák) * Gavotte (J. Becker) * Gavotte in D Major (J. S. Bach) * Bourrée (J. S. Bach)