DEFROSTING IN DALTON Dear DEFROSTING: Here's a simple test: Have you ever asked anyone with a hangover if they're feeling “under the climate”? I see that you're finding it hard to reconcile the difference, especially when The Farmer's ...

 DEAR WITBONES      Ask A Humorist

Trouble on the homefront? Overworked at the office? Pets too picky? Can't find the humor in anything anymore? DEAR WITBONES may just change your life, with a smile or two to spare. One disclaimer: If you need serious lovelorn help from an "agony aunt," please call your mother's sister first. If she's busy and already has enough trouble with your agony uncle, DEAR WITBONES is here for you. You could do a lot worse, and if you're here, you probably have. Witboner [whit-bon-er] Word Origin: noun 1. A question submitted to B. Elwin Sherman's agony uncle advice column. 2. Any individual who poses such a question.

THE DIOECIANS His and Her Love

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THE DIOECIANS    His and Her Love

WHO ARE THE DIOECIANS? They are one man and one woman of the traditional opposite sexes, married later in life after surviving other marriages, divorces, lovers, deaths, abortions, children, careers and travelogues, planned and abrupt, overplayed and unrequited, and how they now lose and find each other's mind, body and soul in the labyrinths of love --- his and hers.