Now That I Have Cancer I Am Whole

Reflections on Life and Healing for Cancer Patients and Those Who Love Them
A CHILD OR GRANDCHILD IS THE PATIENT) that' t yt*<t/ic/fiit/ier of cancer ...

Now That I Have Cancer  I Am Whole

Those of all religious persuasions and of none can appreciate the issues of human meaning and identity the book raises. Highly recommended." --Library Journal * This is not just another cancer journal or first-person survivor account. At equal turns poetic and profound, John McFarland offers hope and honesty, practicality and spirituality, calm and understanding, along with a heightened appreciation of life's meaning and purpose. The Centers for Disease Control reports that more than 20 million people in the United States are currently diagnosed with cancer, and 1.4 million people will be diagnosed in the coming year. At some point in their lives, virtually everyone is touched by this disease, and every patient, survivor, family member, and friend will find hope, strength, and comfort in Now That I Have Cancer, I Am Whole. Throughout this moving account, survivor John McFarland shares his Everyman approach to everyday life with cancer in brief meditations full of unflinching honesty, humor, and optimism. This revised edition also shares McFarland's continued relationship with cancer, seeing it through his eyes as a grandfather to one-year-old Joey, who struggles to fight a rare and ravaging form of the disease.

Do I Have Cancer

There is no such thing as cancer that is exactly the same for each case and every
person. Therefore, before you start labeling yourself as an individual with cancer,
make sure you carefully follow some valid reasoning. Cancer of what? I have ...

Do I Have Cancer

Check if you have cancer! In this book, you will find all signs and symptoms, which are both signals of injury, illness, disease – signals that something is not right in the body. If you have any suspicions or fears that you may be sick, do not hesitate. Read this short book and see if you are healthy or you should start treatment. Don't wait a day longer because treatment works best when cancer is found early. Remember - it's all about your life!

I Have Cancer Now What

Cindy: Some cancer patients go through a time when they feel angry. They might
be angry because they have cancer or angry because they can't do all the
activities they were doing before cancer. I never did feel anger toward anyone or

I Have Cancer  Now What

You have cancer, and you need the help and support of your spouse and family more than ever. I Have Cancer, Now What? includes information on how to overcome the shock and fear of diagnosis, how to talk to your spouse and extended family, how to consult on what you want from your doctors, where and how your family can give you support, the transition of normal household duties and how to manage those, the real costs of cancer, both financial and emotional, what you need from your spouse and family emotionally and physically, including romance, how to manage full-time jobs, and other long-term issues that will help you get the support you need.

I Have Cancer What Should I Do

Andrew's Story I have been lucky. Although my grandparents, parents, and many
other relatives are long gone, few have died from cancer. In her advanced years,
my mother had a small breast tumor that was malignant but evidently not ...

I Have Cancer  What Should I Do

Self Help.

I have Cancer But It Doesn t Have Me

Cancer was again a real possibility. Dr. Bourn ordered more blood tests, scans
and M.R.I. He told me he wouldn't be doing any surgery until he could say he was
completely sure of and comfortable with what he was going to find when he got ...

I have Cancer But It Doesn t Have Me

My story really begins early in the fall of the year of 2003. I was starting to experience the loss of some of my strength. My left arm and leg to be exact. No real ache or pain. I had over extended the bottom of my left foot a couple of months ago. I was transferring a patient from his bed to his wheel chair at my work site. I was working as a medical assistant at a health care site. I was taken by fellow worker to a company doctor. He put me in a boot to support my weight, keeping off my foot. I missed a couple of weeks work. First work I had missed in three years. The foot seemed improved after a time. A short time later, my knee on both of my lets started giving me a whole lot of trouble. I was now having pain in both my legs and both of my knees. I began to think that maybe it was actually caused by the weather. The weather was starting to cool down. Fall and winter were approaching. I was beginning to slow down on my job. I was employed by Great Bend Health and Rehabilitation. The job of medical assistant requires that you are in good health. My leg and arm had gotten so bad I just couldn’t do my job as it should be done.

I Have Cancer I Want to Live

low-dose pills have limited research but so far show no link to increased risks of
cancer.13,14 And I certainly don't blame any of my doctors; they were thorough
during exams. Now that I know the high-risk population for breast cancer, I know

I Have Cancer  I Want to Live

When one family member has cancer, the whole family has cancer. This is not just another story of a familys victory over cancer. The intent of the author sharing her story is to give practical suggestions to patients and their family and friends on how to help. Returning home from successful treatment in 2005, Darlene consistently receives calls, emails, and visits from people who are newly diagnosed and from the patients family and friends who want to know how to help their loved one. They ask her: What can I do? What should I say? Included are suggestions for the patient on how to battle not only the disease but also the onslaught of fear and anxiety that accompanies a diagnosis such as cancer. Although every case of cancer is unique and each family is different, Darlene has found that there are some universal dos and donts for those who find themselves in this battle: Motivate yourself for the fight. Create ways others may join in. Learn how to encourage and help those battling cancer.

Oh Thank God I Have Prostate Cancer

So I dreamed up all kinds of ways to tell people, like, “Hey, did I happen to
mention that I have cancer?” I figured I might as well have some enjoyment with it
. I found out very quickly that probably was not the best way to let people know.
Then I ...

Oh  Thank God I Have Prostate Cancer

When Harvey got the official diagnosis of prostate cancer he began scouring the Internet for information. What he found was an abundance of information on the disease and on treatment options. He then turned to friends who had recently been diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer. And even though these were old and close friends, he never really got a real sense of what he was about to go through. Men have a tendency of not being that open or conversational about these kinds of problems and their experiences. So he began keeping a diary, which eventually turned into this book. His hope is that it will help give some insight to the men that are about to look at mortality in the eye and help them through their personal experience of dealing with prostate cancer.


When my lump was discovered in August 2009, I had the good fortune to find a
Chinese master whom I began to visit before starting conventional ... We had just
met, and with his half-broken Spanish I first assumed I had brain cancer! I finally ...


What to do when diagnosed with a breast tumour? What lies ahead? Where can I seek help at any time? Who do I tell and how? What should I believe from everything I am told? And what can I do to help myself get better? At some point in their life, one in eight women will face breast cancer. This guide offers a new way to take control of this situation, naturally, practically and proactively. It draws together a series of guidelines and remedies that will help the reader find the answers they need. Teresa Ferreiro addressed her tumor as another one life’s projects, with a starting date and a conclusion, without letting it overwhelm her life. As she says: "I don’t want the tumour to be part of our daily dinner table conversation”. On the day she received the diagnosis she started her research and learned to find the answers that the doctors did not give her: the causes, alternative therapies, techniques and remedies to help her through the treatment as best as possible. Teresa’s experiences and suggestions are brought together in these pages in order to help other people in the same situation.

I m Blessed By God And I Have Breast Cancer

The oncologist wanted me to have a PET Scan done the very next day. ... Later
that day I had an appointment with an image recovery center in Baltimore,
located at the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Cancer Institute at Franklin Square. I
found ...

I   m Blessed By God  And I Have Breast Cancer

Author Violia Wilson found herself with breast cancer and while looking for information of the different treatments for cancer, she wondered, where is there a book to tell of someones exact experience? Everyone’s experience is different, but yet many are familiar. She had questions like, How is Chemo given? What are the side effects? What about Radiation? Are there any side effects of that? How long does the treatments take? She found some brochures on Therapies, but not very detailed. She read books, but no real stories. So she sought to began a journal, recording her real experiences, the good the bad and the ugly, with hope of sharing with others going through this horrific disease. So as you read this journal of her journey through Breast Cancer, you will see the struggles, the hard pressed decisions she had to make to move on, the ups and the downs and God’s triumphant use of her during this time of illness. She truly believes what the scripture says in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”, and she is living proof that He can.

So It s Serious I Really Have Cancer

I was in and out of sleep until I was awakened by my mother; she was
juststanding therelooking as if to seeif I was breathing or not. There she was with
one of my sisters, Alva. While they were there, my sister mentioned something
about being ...

So It s Serious  I Really Have Cancer

Like most people, when you have an ache or pain that just will not go away, eventually you simply go to a doctor. You then follow the prescribe treatment and you hope of a quick cure to the problem. You hear stories about other people who end up having major medical problems that come to light from a simple doctor?s visit but you never think that your story would become one of those stories. Actually, by the time I got to my last round of doctors, I suspected that I might have a larger problem than I cared to admit. On top of that, I had no medical insurance. I hoped against all hope that I was only being emotionally dramatic, that the doctor had some miracle pill that would allay my concerns and I would find I lost a few nights sleep over nothing. Unfortunately, the suspected problem turned out to be a tumor, most likely cancer, but a biopsy would be needed to confirm or deny the suspicions. I went in as an outpatient just to have a biopsy and I awoke from the procedure in a hospital ?Intensive Care Unit?, with a new tracheotomy, assisted breathing and a diagnosis of an advanced cancer. I was terrified, I did not know what the outcome would be, and dying seemed to be a very real possibility. This is where blogging became important to my state of mind and my ability to stay in touch with those who where concerned about me. By blogging about my experiences, I had an outlet to express my fears, my anger and my hope. Through blogging, I was able to maintain an upbeat spirit that I am convinced helped save my life. The point of this book is less about my experiences so much as it is about the insights one gains when you?re gravely ill and how sharing those insights might help other patients, family members and friends who have serious health challenges of their own.

Living Like A Lady When You Have Cancer

“When you have a cancer diagnosis, life goes on. I saw this with my teenager
battling leukemia. She still had to go out in public and to school despite no hair
and the roundness from her chemo. Little things can make a big difference in how

Living Like A Lady When You Have Cancer

p>"When you have a cancer diagnosis, life goes on. I saw this with my teenager battling leukemia. She still had to go out in public and to school despite no hair and the roundness from her chemo. Little things can make a big difference in how you feel navigating the world looking so differently. Donna's book has helpful perspective on how to do this, feeling and looking the best you can. It is a must read if you are living your life while battling for it." -- Cindy Tripp, parent "This book is so relevant and thoughtful for anyone struggling with all the effects of cancer that make life difficult. It is the perfect read for patients and caregivers. Our family has been touched by many kinds of cancer and I only wish that we had a resource with the perfect tips for the problems no one warns you of!!" -- Virginia Howell

Seriously Cancer I Do Not Have Time for This

Two years ago, I had a million different friends who I hung out with often. Today, I
can count on one ... Cancer has made me a better person mentally, and it has
changed the wayI look at so many different things. I'm grateful that the past two ...

Seriously Cancer  I Do Not Have Time for This

Lauren Graham was three weeks away from turning twenty-one-loving college life, her friends, and her family-when her life was turned upside down and changed forever. She was diagnosed with cancer-specifically, with acute lymphoblastic lymphoma. In her memoir, Lauren considers the everyday life of a cancer patient and recalls all the challenges she experienced with humor and brutal honesty. Her unique storytelling, presented through the e-mails that she wrote over the course of nearly three years of cancer treatments, provides an intimate window into her struggle with cancer. Week by week, month by month, and treatment by treatment, she shares her journey and experiences in group e-mails to family and friends with wit, fear, stubbornness, faith, and candor. After recounting the procedures, tests, and general medical things she experienced, she ends each e-mail with several wonderful quotes, which offer as much solace to her as they would to those reading her e-mails. Seriously-Cancer? I Do Not Have Time for This! tells a true story of inspiration for anyone who is facing illness or difficulties in life. "Lauren is a real trooper who viewed her cancer treatment in such a positive, relatable, inspiring, and hilarious perspective. ...This book is a must read for all young adults battling cancer, for healthcare providers, and for families and friends supporting their loved ones during their treatment." -Brenda Muriera-Noggy, senior research nurse, Leukemia/Lymphoma Department, Division of Pediatrics, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

You Have Cancer You re Fired

So I was very busy. On January 19th I turned 50. What a year! Mrs. Walton was in
the hospital she had surgery for colon cancer. She passed on January 20th. She
is sadly missed. Mrs. Walton made sure I ate. July 2007 I went to my family ...

You Have Cancer  You re Fired

Anyone whom has had cancer this book may be for you. Maybe you are a loved one of someone with cancer this book may be for you. Anyone who is employed by a company this book may be for you. I have had many jobs over the past forty years. The first time I got fired it was because I told the owner of the company I have cancer. The boss was so nice about firing me. He even told me I was a great worker with a pleasant personality but, with cancer he felt I could not work. I took the Company to COURT! Cancer is not like a cold or the flu. Other people cannot catch it. Give your employee the benefit of the doubt. If they cannot work they will tell you. But give them the opportunity to make that decision. It is hard enough to deal with cancer let alone losing your job.

Cancer with Joy

I have all of these feelings regularly and I have all of them for you, too, as you
begin and continue your cancer experience. I have had such a favorable
response to the logo and putting this new idea out there about facing “Cancer
with Joy” ...

Cancer with Joy

FIC examples of how she handled cancer with joy to help others from diagnosis through treatment and a powerful new brand (“Cancer with Joy”) quickly exploded! This inspiring & informative book transforms how the newly diagnosed & those who love them handle cancer. It is a priceless collection of stories from Joy and others, 100 useful resources to save time, money, energy & strength and more. “Cancer with Joy” also details timely information on what the new healthcare reform bill means for those diagnosed with cancer who have insurance & who are uninsured. “Cancer with Joy” takes the fear out of cancer helping the newly diagnosed through treatment with resources, support and encouragement. In the middle of the word encouragement is “courage,” and Joy offers that along with hope. “Cancer with Joy” is the essential resource for newly diagnosed cancer patients and their caregivers. Everyone diagnosed with cancer asks, “How will I handle this?” Reading “Cancer with Joy” is the answer. “Cancer with Joy” also offers bonuses at a companion web site including additional pictures, video and music!

I Wish My Kids Had Cancer

Twenty-eight dollars and fifty-seven cents. The number doesn't surprise me. In
fact I am surprised we have a positive balance at all. My wife, Wendy glances
over my shoulder at the screen and says, simply, “hauh”, kind of half chuckle, half
cry, ...

I Wish My Kids Had Cancer

I Wish My Kids Had Cancer is a fatheras gripping, real glimpse of his familyas struggle to survive with two children with Autism. The book intimately, honestly, and powerfully, addresses the emotional, social, financial, political and medical aspects of a family fighting for their very existence. Learn about the struggle, the epidemic and Help Families In Need! Support Autism Through Song! Download the song aState of Emergencya by world-renowned recording artist Sara Hickman. ALL Proceeds Donated to help Families with Autism! Visit to download or visit to download this powerful, emotionally charged song written in response to this book. Encourage others to listen and download! Help provide hope for those with Autism!

I ve Got Cancer What s Your Excuse

We were all close: the office was tiny. The consultant's voice was soft and exuded
female empathy. She said, straight out, that they were almost certain it was
cancer. The air seemed to leave the room. The words hit me like a punch. My
sister ...

I ve Got Cancer  What s Your Excuse

Call it a mid-life crisis, but you reach a point where nothing makes sense anymore. Not the goals you set yourself, the years focussed on trying to achieve them, what was let go, what was gained along the way. You look back and think, Is that it? Then you get sick. And everything changes.' This startlingly honest and often hilarious memoir from one of Ireland's best-loved comediennes is told through the lens of cancer treatment and its aftermath. From the moment when she heard but didn't necessarily absorb the shocking diagnosis, through the months that followed, Gildea describes the mixed emotion of the journey, at once swept along on its tide and struggling to grapple with its effects. Through depression, comedy, Catholicism, chemotherapy, the bog, emigration, sex, mastectomy, fear and love, I've Got Cancer, What's Your Excuse? takes a refreshingly irreverent look at life, the stuff it throws at you, and what you do with it, as it ultimately asks: 'Did cancer save me?

Breast Cancer

Many people in the cancer industry continue to deny that chemicals are the
primary cause of breast cancer. ... In addition, I have also exposed the myth that
cervical cancer was caused by a virus, when in fact it is caused by the inhalation
of ...

Breast Cancer

An updated edition of a prior work entitled "Breast Cancer Prevention and Cure," this text includes new chapters that--with several hundred references--show conclusively what causes the disease and how to prevent it.

Living with Cancer

There was this red spot showing, and my mom asked me about it. I had always
had skin conditions my entire life. I showed her, and she took me to the doctor.
He did a biopsy, and I came back, and he was like, “You have cancer.” I felt pretty

Living with Cancer

Cancer hits hard at any age, but it is especially challenging for teens who must battle their disease while negotiating the tricky terrain of adolescence. This book explores the range of challenges cancer places on both teens who have cancer and teens who have friends or family members with cancer. Denise Thornton follows cancer's devastating path through a teen's life from diagnosis to treatment and survivorship, with special attention to how cancer can affect relations with friends and family, and its impact on school life. Living with Cancer explores the toll cancer can take on self image and looks at how teens facing cancer have found a sense of balance and control. Each chapter takes advantage of expert knowledge and new information that is continually coming to light, but the bulk of the book is made up of narratives shared by teens whose lives have been changed by cancer. This book will prove immensely useful for teens who are facing cancer, as well as friends and family members who want to understand and support them.

He Said You Have Prostate Cancer

It was in early 1996 when I noticed what I thought was some superficial rust
around the rear wheel wells. I used some rubbing compound which seemed to
solve the problem. I never gave it another thought until later in the fall when I
noticed ...

He Said   You Have Prostate Cancer

This author has written a straight forward, no holds barred, accounting of his struggle, and his reaction to a diagnosis of prostate cancer. He was astonished to learn that he, a medical neophyte, would have the task of making the treatment decision himself.This journal takes the reader through more than four years of his extensive emotional ups and downs as he shares, in detail, his experiences in this effort to win his battle.

Therapy Dogs in Cancer Care

According to the American Cancer Society, over 11 million people in the USA
have cancer. Cancer treatment usually involves a holistic approach addressing
medical management, emotional needs, and lifestyle changes. About half of
cancer ...

Therapy Dogs in Cancer Care

Dogs that visit patients with cancer have been convincingly shown to reduce stress, loneliness, and mood disturbance that may complicate cancer care. In addition, dogs may provide important motivation for patients to maintain rehabilitation programs that have been shown to reduce cancer risk and improve cancer survival. Outlining all of these issues and many more, Therapy Dogs in Cancer Care: A Valuable Complementary Treatment is a ground-breaking, highly innovative addition to the literature on cancer care. Detailing a comprehensive summary of truly impressive research demonstrating the ability of dogs to serve an important therapeutic role within the cancer arena and in other serious medical conditions, the text provides highly practical advice and very helpful “tips” to ensure that those who wish to employ dogs to assist the cancer patient have the necessary knowledge and “tools” to optimize outcomes. Authored by Dawn A. Marcus, MD, an expert in both pain management and health improvement through human and dog interaction, Therapy Dogs in Cancer Care: A Valuable Complementary Treatment is an extremely well-organized, well-researched, and highly readable book. Providing practical suggestions to effectively incorporate dogs into cancer care, with detailed instructions about requirements for therapy dogs to ensure visits are safe and limit unwanted spread of infection, Therapy Dogs in Cancer Care: A Valuable Complementary Treatment is an invaluable reference that will inform and delight both the clinician desiring a “how-to” text as well as the casual reader.