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Conceptualising Property Law

Author: Yaƫll Emerich
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
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Conceptualising Property Law offers a transsystemic and integrated approach to common law and civil law property. Property law has traditionally been excluded from comparative law analysis, common law and civil law property being deemed irreconcilable. With this book, Ya'll Emerich aims to dispel the myth that comparison between these two systems of property is impossible. By establishing a dialogue between common law and civil law property, it becomes clear that the two legal traditions share common ground in the way that they address legal, cultural, and social issues related to property and wealth.

Secularism on the Edge

Author: J. Berlinerblau
Publisher: Springer
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In this dynamic and wide-ranging collection of essays, prominent scholars examine the condition of church-state relations in the United States, France, and Israel. Their analyses are rooted in a wide variety of disciplines, ranging from ethnography and demography to political science, gender studies, theology, and the law.