Mad For The Plaid Princes of Oxenburg 3

“You must be the prince; you could be no one else.” The younger man inclined his head in a formal greeting. “I'm Gregor Mackenzie, Lady Ailsa's cousin.” Before Nik could respond, Rurik's gaze locked on the woods behind them.

Mad For The Plaid  Princes of Oxenburg 3

The third captivating, sizzling Scottish historical romance in New York Times bestseller Karen Hawkins's Princes of Oxenburg series. Fans of Julia Quinn, Monica McCarty and Julie Garwood will be enchanted by this dazzling read. A loyal Prince. A Scottish fair lady. A partnership of honour and passion. Prince Nikolai Romanovin has journeyed to the deepest wilds of Scotland to rescue his abducted grandmother. Hiding his royal identity, the prince slips into enemy territory disguised as a groom. Ailsa Mackenzie is in charge of Castle Cromartie - and her unruly grandmother - in her father's absence. Clever and pragmatic, nothing gets past her and she's certain her new groom isn't who he says he is. But she can't deny he stirs her senses... After confronting her imposter, Ailsa agrees to help - for she, too, would do anything for family. Their secret partnership turns into searing kisses and soon danger awaits them. Facing an unknown enemy, Ailsa and Nik must also battle something far more perilous ... their own unruly hearts. Don't miss the previous sublime Princes of Oxenburg books: The Prince Who Loved Me, The Prince And I and The Princess Wore Plaid. And for more unmissable Scottish historical romance, catch her amazing Duchess Diaries series.

The Princess Wore Plaid A Princes of Oxenburg Novella 2 5

... Dedication Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 A gorgeous excerpt from Mad For The Plaid Meet the Princes of Oxenburg Don't miss Karen Hawkins's Duchess Diaries series ...

The Princess Wore Plaid  A Princes of Oxenburg Novella 2 5

A sizzling, sparkling and gloriously witty novella from New York Times bestseller Karen Hawkins. Perfect for fans of Julia Quinn, Monica McCarty and Julie Garwood. Princess Tatiana Romanovin loves the finer things in life. But when she is accosted by a gang of ruffians on her way to the Scottish Highlands, she's left penniless and alone. Tatiana has no choice but to scrub floors and dirty linens in a local inn, waiting to be saved... A brutal battle has left Lord Buchan with a twisted leg and a bitter heart. A recluse, he only leaves his country manor once a week, to eat at a nearby inn. One day, Buchan is met by the new servant - whose queenly air and flashing green eyes leave him breathless. The challenge of winning Tatiana's heart stirs Buchan back to life. But can he persuade the proud princess, whose only wish is to return to her royal life, to stay? Don't miss Books One and Two in Karen Hawkins' exquisite Princes of Oxenburg series, The Prince Who Loved Me and The Prince And I. And catch her stunning Duchess Diaries series.


Die schöne Annika hat eine ganz besondere Verbindung zum Meer, von dort stammt sie, und dorthin muss sie wieder zurückkehren.