Mary Ann Cotton Dark Angel

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Mary Ann Cotton  Dark Angel

A female thief, with four husbands, a lover and, reportedly, over twelve children, is arrested and tried for the murder of her stepson in 1872, turning the small village of West Auckland in County Durham upside down. Other bodies are exhumed and when they are found to contain arsenic, she is suspected of their murder as well. The perpetrator, Mary Ann Cotton, was tried and found guilty and later hanged on 24 March 1873 in Durham Gaol. It is claimed she murdered over twenty people and was the first female serial killer in England. With location photographs and a blow by blow account of the trial, this book challenges the claim that Mary Ann Cotton was the The West Auckland Borgia, a title given to her at the time. It sets out her life, trial, death and the aftermath and also questions the legal system used to convict her by looking at contemporary evidence from the time and offering another explanation for the deaths. The book also covers the lives of those left behind, including the daughter born to Mary Ann Cotton in Durham Gaol.

Family Secrets

Mary Ann Cotton: Her Story and Trial. London: Michael Joseph, 1973. ISBN 0-7181-1184-2 Cobb: A ... MaryAnn Cotton: The North Eastern Borgia? West Auckland, Oakleaf Publishing, 2012. ISBN 9780957465107 Daughter testifies in Stacey Castor ...

Family Secrets

Family Secrets By: William Stricklin Family Secrets discloses the darkest secrets over a thousand years. This nonfiction book is evidence that the writer’s family may be firmly founded on the five strong pillars of murder, betrayal, greed, lust, and incest and has far more than its fair share of family secrets. Research over half a century has created this book not to be put down: a pregnant nun; the secret library in the Strickland Manor where Catherine Parr, Queen of England and Henry VIII’s sixth wife, locked prohibited books away from the castle in order to keep her head from being chopped off; regicide of a boy king by his stepmother; a hunting trip in which Stricklin’s forebear puts a hunting javelin between the shoulder blades of his best friend… then hastily married his gorgeous wife fourteen days later; a ménage during a coronation dinner including a new bride and new mother-in-law; abduction of Stricklin’s two-day-old maternal great-grandmother during a Comanche raid and the saga of her escape from slavery; and the murder trial of Katie Stricklin who used arsenic to poison her family.

The Illustrated London News

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Monika Baer

This volume includes two bodies of work by German painter Monika Baer (born 1964): her paintings of playing cards, dollar bills and stylized breasts floating against an abstract wash, and more recent works in which web-like patterns are cut ...

Monika Baer

Monika Baer's painting sits directly within the traditional opposition between the figurative and the abstract. The interplay between painting materials, painting method and the canvas as a real object generates situations that are full of tension, illusional effects accentuating the spatial depth and the painting surface itself.This volume includes her paintings of playing cards, dollar bills and stylised breasts floating against an abstract wash, and more recent works in which web-like patterns are cut out of the canvas, exposing the stretcher behind.English and German text.

The Athen um

Elssler , 499 , Maria di Rohan : Ronconi Mallo Waddell's Sojourn of a Sceptic , 763 742. ... Lucrezia Borgia : Malle . ... Anna Bolena : Malle Wallbridge's Council of Four , 1191 Pasleyon National Measures , Weights , Money , 773 .

The Athen  um

The Athenaeum

Maria di Rohan : Ronconi - Malle . Waddell's Sojourn of a Sceptic , 763 742. Harris on Electrical Attraction , 769. Thomson on Electrical Alboni , 531 . Lucrezia Borgia : Malle . Alboni-- La Salaman : Wahl on Training Girls ...

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