Mayo Chiki Vol 3

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Mayo Chiki  Vol  3

The school festival has arrived! In order to quell rumors that Kinjiro and Subaru are dating, Kinjiro has agreed to pretend to date Usami for the length of the festival. But nothing ever goes as planned for poor Kinjiro. Feeling spurned, Subaru crashes the mock date. This, in turn, creates problems with Subaru's rabid fan club, as Kinjiro finds himself hunted across the campus by raging fangirls!

National Union Catalog

3. Nuclear physics. LTte. Title transliterated: Rasprostranemnost"Khimicheskikh
Alementow. 57-19700 Mocesa, QD466. ... Title transliterated: Pinevnaticheskie
gruzchiki tipa BCh. TN813C44 56-34.110 ... Cepioncr, IToc. mayo-Texm. 131-so

National Union Catalog

Includes entries for maps and atlases.