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Mocktails Cordials Infusions Syrups and More

Publisher: Dog n Bone
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For too long designated drivers, detoxers, and teetotallers have been left out in the cold when it comes to great drinks. Instead they are forced to sip on the same insipid fruit juices that make up most alcohol-free offerings. Thankfully help is at hand with Mocktails, Cordials, Infusions, Syrups, and More—a collection of delicious recipes that are welcome alternatives to the boring soda or mineral water. These drinks prove that ditching the booze doesn't mean sacrificing taste. Exciting ingredients and flavor combinations such as strawberry and black pepper, mango and ginger, lemon and thyme, or blueberry and elderflower will make your taste buds stand up and pay attention. And another bonus: no hangovers!

Wild Drinks Cocktails

Author: Emily Han
Publisher: Fair Winds Press (MA)
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Emily Han uses fermentation and preservation techniques to provide 100 drink and cocktail recipes featuring ingredients found in the backyard.