Recreations in Astronomy the second edition

Suppose now that we , in England , were to hear of a splendid Moon , of vast dimensions , being visible to the inhabitants of the Sandwich Islands or New Zealand , and that we ourselves were without a Moon , how eagerly would our ...

Recreations in Astronomy     the second edition

New Horizon Campaign Setting Guide 2nd Edition Paperback

Criss-crossed with mountain runoff, the forest is a virtual safe haven for many of the moon's more primordial creatures, much akin to Earth's Australia or New Zealand. During the nights in warm seasons, the trees emit their stored ...

New Horizon Campaign Setting Guide 2nd Edition Paperback

Welcome to a world that is not our own. Mankind's new home among the stars is more than they ever imagined when they left Earth. The settlers are surrounded by bizarre alien creatures that are often as deadly as they are amazing. Their lives are filled with the wonders of technology, but are held together by the strength of their resolve. Mankind walks this new world hand in hand with wafans, their sister race of sentient living machines, designed during the darker days of humanity's past. This is the world we live in, this is New Horizon. New Horizon is a roleplaying game that incorporates elements of science fiction, fantasy, utopian and dystopian fiction, and speculative fiction. New Horizon is a setting where advanced technologies and futuristic innovations are interweaved with the primeval roughness of an untamed world. It is a place where technology and nature are often seen struggling against one another, each protecting itself from the spread of the other.

CultureShock New Zealand

Fodor's New Zealand 2008 (Fodor's Gold Guides), New York, NY: Fodor's Travel Publications, 2007. New Zealand Travel Guide. ... Wellington, NZ: Whitcombe and Tombs, 1987 (2nd edition). ... Moon New Zealand (Moon Handbooks).

CultureShock  New Zealand

Geotechnical Engineering of Dams 2nd Edition

Moon, A.T. (1984). Effective shear strength parameters for stiff fissured clays. Fourth Australia New Zealand Conf. on Geomechanics, 107–111. Moon, A.T. (1992). Stability analysis in stiff fissured clay at Raby Bay, Queensland, Proc.

Geotechnical Engineering of Dams  2nd Edition

Geotechnical Engineering of Dams, 2nd edition provides a comprehensive text on the geotechnical and geological aspects of the investigations for and the design and construction of new dams and the review and assessment of existing dams. The main emphasis of this work is on embankment dams, but much of the text, particularly those parts related to geology, can be used for concrete gravity and arch dams. All phases of investigation, design and construction are covered. Detailed descriptions are given from the initial site assessment and site investigation program through to the preliminary and detailed design phases and, ultimately, the construction phase. The assessment of existing dams, including the analysis of risks posed by those dams, is also discussed. This wholly revised and significantly expanded 2nd edition includes a lengthy new appendix on the assessment of the likelihood of failure of dams by internal erosion and piping. This valuable source on dam engineering incorporates the 200+ years of collective experience of the authors in the subject area. Design methods are presented in combination with their theoretical basis, to enable the reader to develop a proper understanding of the possibilities and limitations of a method. For its practical, well-founded approach, this work can serve as a useful guide for professional dam engineers and engineering geologists and as a textbook for university students.

Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand

Gari species are absent in New Zealand from substrata of fine, occasionally anaerobic, muds (e.g., ... In: YATE, W. An Account of New Zealand and of the Church Missionary Society's Mission in the Northern Island (Second Edition).

Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand

In Search of Birds in New Zealand

Moon , G. J. H. , Focus on New Zealand Birds , revised and enlarged edition , Reed , 1960. Colour photos . Moon , G. J. H. , Refocus on New ... Oliver , W. R. B. , New Zealand Birds , second edition , revised and enlarged , Reed , 1955.

In Search of Birds in New Zealand

This book is not only for the keen ornithologist but for the camper, the tramper, the holiday maker, the city man and his family out on a sunday drive. It will help the most amateur to birdwatchers to experience the pleasure and excitement of sighting and identifying a rare bird, and it provides every motorist with a guide-book of unusual interest.

Only in Australia

Treasury: The New Zealand Treasury 1840–2000. ... A Concise History of New Zealand, 2nd edition. ... Moon, P. 2010. New Zealand Birth Certificates; 50 of New Zealand's Founding Documents. Auckland: AUT Media. Morrell, W. P. 1933.

Only in Australia

This edited volume is about the Australian difference and how Australia's economic and social policy has diverged from the approach of other countries. Australia seems to be following a 'special path' of its own that it laid down more than a century ago. Australia's distinctive bent is manifested in a tightly regulated labour market; a heavy reliance on means testing and income taxation; a geographical centralization of political power combined with its dispersal amongst autonomous authorities, and electoral singularities such as compulsory and preferential voting. In seeking to explain this Australian Exceptionalism, the book covers a diverse range of issues: the strength and weakness of religion, democratic and undemocratic tendencies, the poverty of public debate, the role of elites, the exploitation of Australian sports stars, the politics of railways, the backwardness of agriculture, deviation from the Westminster system, the original encounter between European and Aboriginal cultures, and the heavy taxation of tobacco. Bringing together contributions from economists, economic historians, and political scientists, the volume seeks to understand why Australia is different. It offers a range of explanations from the 'historical legacy', to material factors, historical chance, and personalities.

Fodor s Exploring New Zealand 2nd Edition

Fodor s Exploring New Zealand  2nd Edition

Provides information on accommodations, restaurants, sights, walks, excursions, and the history and culture of New Zealand.

Encyclopedia of New Year s Holidays Worldwide

Web Site: media/story-angles/food-wine_kai_storyangle.cfm. ... “Tsagaan Sar: The Mongolian Lunar New Year. ... Web Site: projects/hm/sri_lanka.pdf. Weaver, Bob.

Encyclopedia of New Year      s Holidays Worldwide

Among the world’s myriad cultures and their associated calendars, the idea of a “New Year” is relative and hardly specifies a universal celebration or even a universal point in time. Ways of celebrating the New Year range from the observances of religious rituals and superstitions to social gatherings featuring particular foods, music, dancing, noisemaking, fireworks and drinking. This first encyclopedia devoted exclusively to the New Year includes 320 entries that give a global perspective on the New Year, beyond its traditional Western associations with Christmas. National or regional entries detail the principal traditions and customs of 130 countries, while 27 entries discuss major calendar systems in current use or of significant historical interest. The remaining entries cover a wide variety of subjects including literary works, movies, and television specials; the customs of specific ethnic groups; universal customs such as toasting and drinking; football bowl games and parades; and the New Year celebrations at the White House and the Vatican.

Plan making for Sustainability

The New Zealand Experience Neil J. Ericksen, Philip R. Berke, Jennifer E. Dixon. Dixon, J., Ericksen, N., Crawford, ... Bush, G. (1995), Local Government and Politics in New Zealand, Second Edition, Auckland University Press, Auckland.

Plan making for Sustainability

Around the introduction of Agenda 21 at Rio in 1991, some countries like the Netherlands and New Zealand were already leading the way with quite innovative approaches to environmental planning. Focusing on the New Zealand government's innovations in sustainable and environmental planning, particularly the Resource Management Act of 1991, this book highlights planning and governance under devolved and co-operative mandates. It uses multiple methods to evaluate the quality of policy statements and district plans prepared by regional and local councils respectively, as well as the various inter- and intra-organizational and institutional factors affecting them. It also analyses the quality of the plans' implementation through the consensus or permits process, and the quality of the environmental outcomes.

Convicts New Zealand s Hidden Criminal Past

Hughes, Robert, The Fatal Shore, Vintage, New York, 1988. Hursthouse, Charles, New Zealand, the Britain of the South, second edition, Edward Stanford, London, 1861. Ingram, C.W.N., NewZealand Shipwrecks, A.H. &A.

Convicts  New Zealand s Hidden Criminal Past

'New Zealanders have long been proud of their ancestry, untainted by the convict stain. They should think again . . . Facinating.' -Sydney Morning Herald New Zealand's Pakeha origin as a bolt-hole for convicts escaping Australia, a place where former convicts joined whaling and sealing gangs, and where sea captains thumbed their noses at the law, has been quietly forgotten. It has become a hidden part of our past, buried under the convenient fiction that the Treaty of Waitangi is the sole pivot of New Zealand's colonial story. In Convicts: New Zealand's Hidden Criminal Past, noted historian Matthew Wright challenges that notion. Our early nineteenth-century Pakeha past is, at least in part, a story of convicts who had found their way past the edge of the law, an age of heroic tales of survival, scurrilous deeds, cannibalism and piracy. Matthew Wright is one of New Zealand's most published historians and is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society of University College, London. 'Matthew Wright is one of our most prolific social historians, an assiduous researcher and an engaging writer.' -Weekend Press

Solar and Infrared Radiation Measurements Second Edition

Moon, P. 1940. Proposed standard solar-radiation curves for engineering use. Journal of the Franklin Institute 230:583–617. Moon, P., and D. E. Spencer. 1942. ... New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 25:281– 283.

Solar and Infrared Radiation Measurements  Second Edition

The rather specialized field of solar and infrared radiation measurements has become increasingly important due to the increased demands by the renewable energy and climate change research communities for data with higher accuracy and increased temporal and spatial resolutions. Recent advances in radiometry, measurement systems, and information dissemination also have increased the need for refreshing the literature available for this topic. This book provides the reader with an up-to-date review of the important aspects of solar and infrared radiation measurements: radiometer design; equipment installation, operation, maintenance, and calibration; data quality assessment parameters; and the knowledge necessary to properly interpret and apply the measured data to a variety of topics. Each of the authors has more than 40 years of experience with this subject, primarily as the result of developing and operating multiple measurement stations, working with the industry to improve radiometry, and conducting various research projects. The book’s scope and subject matter have been designed to help a wide audience gain a general understanding of this subject and to serve as a technical reference. A student new to the field will benefit from the review of terminology and the historical perspective for radiometry before addressing more detailed topics in radiometry that we hope will be of interest to the more experienced reader.  Describes the strengths and weaknesses of irradiance instruments  Provides detailed information on how to assess uncertainty in measurements  Offers comprehensive background information needed to understand the use of solar instrumentation  Discusses design concepts for shadowband radiometers, sky imagers, and satellite-based estimates of solar irradiance at the Earth’s surface  Includes chapter-end questions, references, and useful links

R Graphics Second Edition

Phases of the Moon Jan 02 Jan 07 Jan 12 Jan 17 Jan 22 Jan 27 Feb 01 00:00 04:00 08:00 12:00 T i m e o f L o w T i d e ( N Z D T) Auckland, New Zealand January 2010 Jan 01 Jan 08 Jan 15 Jan 22 Jan 29 00:00 04:00 08:00 12:00 T i m e o f L ...

R Graphics  Second Edition

Extensively updated to reflect the evolution of statistics and computing, the second edition of the bestselling R Graphics comes complete with new packages and new examples. Paul Murrell, widely known as the leading expert on R graphics, has developed an in-depth resource that helps both neophyte and seasoned users master the intricacies of R graphics. New in the Second Edition Updated information on the core graphics engine, the traditional graphics system, the grid graphics system, and the lattice package A new chapter on the ggplot2 package New chapters on applications and extensions of R Graphics, including geographic maps, dynamic and interactive graphics, and node-and-edge graphs Organized into five parts, R Graphics covers both "traditional" and newer, R-specific graphics systems. The book reviews the graphics facilities of the R language and describes R’s powerful grid graphics system. It then covers the graphics engine, which represents a common set of fundamental graphics facilities, and provides a series of brief overviews of the major areas of application for R graphics and the major extensions of R graphics.

Pocket Beer Book 2nd edition

The key to the present and most probably the future of New Zealand craft beer may be found in two elements: contract brewing and native hops. The former, sometimes stillderided by certain craftbeer aficionados, is practically aNew ...

Pocket Beer Book  2nd edition

As featured in beer-loving Great Food Magazine, this landmark guide provides beer fans with easy access to an expert overview and puts a world of superb beers at your disposal. Written by two of the world's leading beer experts, with the help of a team of international contributors, The Pocket Beer Book 2015 takes you from the Bock beers of Germany to the Trappist beers of Belgium, the complex bitters and stouts of Britain to the cutting-edge brews of North America. This expert selection covers the extraordinary variety the world's beers now have to offer. Tasting notes, organised by country, provide succinct commentary on the chosen beers and cover the brewery and each beer's key characteristics. With 4,300 beers featured, this book encompasses more familiar established beers as well as exciting new discoveries from the myriad craft breweries that are emerging around the world, covering 80 countries. Punctuating the tasting notes is information on 'beer destinations', specific places where you can best experience a beer in situ. An extensive introductory chapter to the book also covers styles of beer and food and beer pairings.

The Drama of Conservation

The History of Pureora Forest, New Zealand Carolyn M. King, D. John Gaukrodger, Neville A. Ritchie. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. ... Traditions and superstitions of the New Zealanders, 2nd edition. London: Longman & Co.

The Drama of Conservation

This book offers a sweeping history of Pureora Forest Park, one of the most significant sites of natural and cultural history interest in New Zealand. The authors review the geological history of the volcanic zone, its flora and fauna, and the history of Maori and European utilization of forest resources. Chapter-length discussions cover management of the native forest by the New Zealand Forest Service; the forest village and its sawmills; the intensive timber harvesting, and the conflicts with conservationists and expensive compensation agreements that ensued. Separate chapters cover initiatives to protect the forest from introduced herbivores; to guard protected species, especially birds, from predators; the facilities for recreational hunting; the development of the Timber Trail, an 83 km cycleway through the forest and along old logging tramways, complete with detailed interpretation signs illustrating the history of logging; and the family recreation areas and tracks. The final chapter gathers conclusions and advances prospects for the future of Pureora Forest. In sum, the book demonstrates how ecological study, combined with a respect for people and for nature plus a flexible, interdisciplinary approach to both local history and current scientific priorities, can be welded into a consistently effective strategy for addressing the pressing forest-ecology questions of our time.

History of the war in the north of New Zealand against the chief Heke in the year 1845 told by an old chief of the Ngapuhi tribe Faithfully translated by a Pakeha Maori i e Frederick Edward Maning Second edition

And as they did this the moon arose . So when the sister of Hauraki saw the rising moon , she broke silence , and lamented aloud , and this was her lament — the part I remember of it :search of these women , and prevented the sister of ...

History of the war in the north of New Zealand against the chief Heke  in the year 1845  told by an old chief of the Ngapuhi tribe  Faithfully translated by a    Pakeha Maori     i e  Frederick Edward Maning   Second edition

Atlas Obscura 2nd Edition

New craters—up to 65 feet (19.8 m) deep— form during hydrothermal eruptions, which occur about once per year. ... The Craters of the Moon site is 3 miles (4.8 km) north of the city center. θ 38.646667 θ 176.103753 A geothermal field ...

Atlas Obscura  2nd Edition

Discover wonder. “A wanderlust-whetting cabinet of curiosities on paper.”— New York Times Inspiring equal parts wonder and wanderlust, Atlas Obscura is a phenomenon of a travel book that shot to the top of bestseller lists when it was first published and changed the way we think about the world, expanding our sense of how strange and marvelous it really is. This second edition takes readers to even more curious and unusual destinations, with more than 100 new places, dozens and dozens of new photographs, and two very special features: twelve city guides, covering Berlin, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Cairo, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Moscow, New York City, Paris, Shanghai, and Tokyo. Plus a foldout map with a dream itinerary for the ultimate around-the-world road trip. More a cabinet of curiosities than traditional guidebook, Atlas Obscura revels in the unexpected, the overlooked, the bizarre, and the mysterious. Here are natural wonders, like the dazzling glowworm caves in New Zealand, or a baobob tree in South Africa so large it has a pub inside where 15 people can sit and drink comfortably. Architectural marvels, including the M. C. Escher–like stepwells in India. Mind-boggling events, like the Baby-Jumping Festival in Spain—and no, it’s not the babies doing the jumping, but masked men dressed as devils who vault over rows of squirming infants. Every page gets to the very core of why humans want to travel in the first place: to be delighted and disoriented, uprooted from the familiar and amazed by the new. With its compelling descriptions, hundreds of photographs, surprising charts, maps for every region of the world, and new city guides, it is a book you can open anywhere and be transported. But proceed with caution: It’s almost impossible not to turn to the next entry, and the next, and the next.

Buller s Birds of New Zealand

MONCRIEFF , P. , 1925 and subsequent editions . New Zealand Birds and How to Identify Them . Whitcombe and Tombs , Christchurch . Moon , G. J. H. , 1960 ( second edition ) . Focus on New Zealand Birds . Reed , Wellington .

Buller s Birds of New Zealand

Includes bibliographical references.

Grammar of the New Zealand Language

Te tino likinga iho nei , ka tae ki a Rona ; Rona , ( the ' man in the moon , ) goes to fetch water . It is dark . The cursing at the moon . The instant coming down to him ... Gram . second edition , pp . 75 and 76 , and Carey's Gram ...

Grammar of the New Zealand Language

"Variant issue of the grammar, incorporating amended Part 1"--BIM

New Zealand Journal of Ecology

Moon , G.J.H. 1960. Focus on New Zealand birds ( second edition ) . A.H. and A.W. Reed , Wellington , N.Z. 126 pp . Moore , L.B .; Edgar , E. 1970. Flora of New Zealand . Volume 2. Government Printer , Wellington , N.Z. 354 pp .

New Zealand Journal of Ecology