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No More Mediocre Me

Author: John E. Michel
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
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Format Type: PDF, ePub, Docs
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It’s certainly easy to understand why mediocrity seems to be the new norm in our country. After all, take a look around. As you read this we find ourselves burdened with immense national debt, polarized political parties, sky high unemployment, and increasing levels of hunger, homelessness, and hopelessness. All while our discontent with leaders across all segments of society leaves us scratching our heads and searching our hearts to understand, “how did we end up here?” The more important question, of course, is where do we go from here? And, as importantly, what role will you play? This is where I have some good news to offer. Mediocre Me reminds us the solution to the current mess we're in is already present—“invisible” in plain sight. It’s not found in another government program nor can it be dictated merely by expert opinions. Rather, the answer to our individual and collective challenges is found in the inspiring example of those citizen-leaders in our midst who are hard at work trying to move things solidly forward in their spheres of influence. And, best of all, they are waiting for more of us to join them. Sound frightening? Challenging? Too difficult to pull off, you say? Think again.