Now Circa Then

Meet Gideon and Margie, an unlikely pair of historical reenactors, circa now. A museum tour goes off the rails in this jaunty tale of old places, new beginnings and timeless questions"--P. [4] of cover.

Now Circa Then

"Meet Julian and Josephine, an immigrant couple n New York's Lower East Side, circa 1890. Meet Gideon and Margie, an unlikely pair of historical reenactors, circa now. A museum tour goes off the rails in this jaunty tale of old places, new beginnings and timeless questions"--P. [4] of cover.

New Orleans Then and Now

circa 1847 and circa 1858 First and Second St. Charles Hotels, St. Charles
Avenue between Common and Gravier, in the Central Business District circa
1910 and 1996 Same site Top scene, circa 1910: Left scene, circa 1847: The
original St.

New Orleans Then and Now

Circa Now

said Circa. “Duh. Yeah,” said Nattie, crossing her arms and turning to lean her
back against the door. “Remember when I said ... “Only for me and my dad, well,
it's kind of always been more than that. ... Only now, it seems like that's

Circa Now

Twelve-year-old Circa Monroe has a knack for restoring old photographs. It's a skill she learned from her dad, who loves old pictures and putting fun digital twists on them. His altered "Shopt" photos look so real that they could fool nearly anybody, and Circa treasures the fun stories he makes up to explain each creation. One day, her father receives a strange phone call requesting an urgent delivery, and he heads out into a storm. The unimaginable happens: a tornado, then a terrible accident, and Circa never sees her dad again. Just as Circa and her mom begin to pick up the pieces, a mysterious boy shows up on their doorstep, a boy called Miles who remembers nothing about his past. The only thing he has with him is the photograph that Circa's dad intended to deliver on the day he died. As Circa tries to help Miles recover his identity, she begins to notice something strange about the photos she and her father retouched???the digital flourishes added to the old photos seem to exist in real life. The mysteries of the Shopt photos and Miles's past are intertwined, and in order to solve both, Circa will have to figure out what's real and what's an illusion. With stunning prose, captivating photographs, and a hint of magic, Circa Now is a gripping story full of hope and heart.

Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park Then Now

Evans - Dunraven ranch , circa 1900 RA e photographs and illustrations : On
page 19 are early photographs nver photographer William G . Chamberlain .
They come from a pum of Denver and Colorado views dated 1861 - 1881 and
given by ...

Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park Then   Now

Historic photographs paired with contemporary photographs taken from the exact same locations illuminate the evolution that has occurred in the Estes Park area, as well as in Rocky Mountain National Park, over more than a century. From the Stanley Hotel to Lake Estes, see whether the landmarks and landscape of Estes Park have been completely transformed or if they remain almost unchanged.

now and then 2

Osiris had begun his reign (of Lower Egypt) circa 7220 B.C.E., and continued for
some 450 years (or until the old coffin party trick). Seth, who was never shown
without his animal disguise (i.e. his face was never seen) had begun his reign of

now and then 2

Flying the Lindbergh Line Then Now

International Airport. State Library. TAT in Indianapolis: Now Stout Field.
Indianapolis International Airport. Circa 1931. Passenger terminal at night. (
Notice passenger canopy on far left—typical Indianapolis Airport administration

Flying the Lindbergh Line  Then   Now

Flying in the early 20th Century was dangerous business. Aircraft were made of sticks and cloth and engines failed at alarming rates. Those who flew risked both accidents and death. However, some saw this stumbling attempt to master the skies as an opportunity to bring the human race forward. They had a vision of stylish travel in the skies combining comfort, speed and profit. Such was the vision of Transcontinental Air Transport’s Lindbergh Line that began the first scheduled coast-to-coast airline passenger service in 1929. Relive the adventure of that time and travel with the author as he flies what remains today of the “Lindbergh Line.”

Then and Now of Iselin

circa. 1923—then. If you came to Oak Tree Road and Middlesex Avenue in Iselin
in 1923, you would see St. Cecelia's Roman Catholic Church (the “little white
church”). It started in a bungalow on the Freeman Estate in Colonia in 1913 and ...

Then and Now of Iselin

John T. Miele and his co-author-niece June Polanski Onder are your tour guides as you travel and learn about Iselin "NOW" in Volume 2. They will show you how and where Iselin has grown into a super-suburbia town and has become a vibrant, multicultural community. Iselin is a wonderful community interlaced with many cultures that contribute to its uniqueness. Journey with John and June as they capture the many changes throughout Iselin, along with established locations. See the development of the "old" St. Cecelia's Iselin Fairgrounds, the "legend and timeline" of Iselin's United States Post Office, the olde Iselin Movie Theatre, the Iselin Free Public Library (now known as the Woodbridge Free Public Library - Iselin Branch), and the dramatic State-of the-Art 21st Century changes at the Metropark Train Station, (with detailed hand painted artwork on both stairwells at Metropark). Read where John and June meet with Mayor John E. McCormac of Woodbridge Township.

Washington Then Now

That the historical photographer stood considerably closer to the bridge can be
proved by comparing the position of the bulbous bluff in the background or both
views. — JS Soap Lake, circa 1922 In another printing of the postcard featured ...

Washington Then   Now

Despite the often astonishing changes in the landscape, authors Paul Dorpat and Jean Sherrard searched high and low, determined to find the same locations and angles as their predecessors. The result is a portrait that reflects not only the amazing changes brought on by time, but also a record of what has remained in this most scenic western state.

Arizona Then Now

Jerome, circa I S) H) ... Today Jerome still clings to the steep mountain, but many
of the old buildings are gone. If you loak closely, you can spot the foundation of
the Montana Hotel. The background mountains in the early picture have been ...

Arizona Then   Now

When paired with the historic images of 19th and 20th century photographers, Arizona photographer Allen Dutton's modern-day images reveal the changes that have shaped the state's landscape during the past 100-plus years. To illustrate these sometimes drastic, sometimes subtle differences, Allen searched the state to locate the precise spots from which to rephotograph the scenes captured by his predecessors--endeavoring to achieve the same angles, perspectives, and lighting as in the early photographs.

Goya Then and Now

Catalog of Illustrations Introduction and Interpretation 1 3 El Greco , The
Resurrection of Christ , circa 1608 . Oil on canvas , 275 X 127 cm . Madrid , Prado
. Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velázquez , Queen Mariana of Austria , circa 1652 .

Goya Then and Now

Texas Then Now

... llcntsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park, and Chihuahua Woods, a nature
preserve that protects one of the last remnants of native thoruscrub habitat in
south Texas. Brownsville Palm Boulevard, circa 1940s Brownsville, which lies at
the. 123 .

Texas Then   Now

By using the same locations and angles as in the original historic photographs, well-known Texas photographer Richard Reynolds retakes the images, illuminating the march of progress in the Lone Star State. Divided into six regions, the entire state is presented, from small towns to big cities and natural areas. An encapsulated history accompanies each photograph.

New Mexico Then Now

Tliis scene today is dominated by extraction industries, including brick factories
and the prominent but temporarily closed ... wus watching me from his vehicle,
parked at the far left and mostly hidden by the shadow Dripping Springs, circa
1906 ...

New Mexico Then   Now

Presents historical photographs of New Mexico urban and rural scenes, along with photographs of the same sites as they look today.

Johannesburg Circa Now

My interventions through performance then were meant to be part of the
discourse of these spaces - heir diversity and power – to elaborate on an existing
history or to make apparent hidden textures of these lived spaces . So , at the
Carlton ...

Johannesburg Circa Now

Now Then

Anonymous , circa 1200 - 1250 ( Summer is coming in - Loud sing , cuckoo !
Grow seed and blow meadow and ... Me reweth , Marie , thi sone and the . -
Anonymous , circa 1200 – 1230 [ Now goes sun under wood — I rue , Mary , thy
fair face .

Now   Then

A former poet laureate profiles poets and poetry of the pre-September 11 world, in a volume that shares his observations written between early 1997 and the start of the millennium in the nationally syndicated column "Poet's choice," and includes evaluations of the work of many important authors, along with numerous selections from their works.

Rochester Cathedral 604 1540

This phase of Sherborne Cathedral , as it then was , is now dated to a rebuilding
between 1045 and 1058 , its eastern ... of St Mary at Stow ( Lincolnshire ) , where
the ' crossing ' and ' transept arms ' date no earlier than circa 1034 to 1049 .

Rochester Cathedral  604 1540

The study also takes into account the extensive body of literature that has developed since Hope's study, on the Anglo-Saxon, Romanesque, and Gothic periods in Britain."--BOOK JACKET.

A Journal from Parnassus Now Printed from a Manuscript Circa 1688

... of giving * General Characters of Parties ( whether Sects or Churches ) & I
have found nothing more effectual towards the writing ( I may say the well writing
) of my Hind & Panther than a Dose or two of Pillulæ Catholicæ , & now & then
some ...

A Journal from Parnassus  Now Printed from a Manuscript  Circa 1688

Ballet Then and Now

Antonio Cornazano (1431–1500) dedicated to Ippolita Sforza, the daughter of
Francisco Sforza, the first manuscript of his “Libro dell'arte del danzare” circa
1455.” Giovanni Ambrosio or Ambrogio, the author of another treatise about this
time, ...

Ballet Then and Now

Lucknow Then and Now

Significant Dates in the History of Nawabi and British - Period Lucknow 1722
1739 1754 1774 1775 circa 1777 1784 1789 Burhan - ul - Mulk appointed nawab
of Awadh by the Mughal Emperor accession of Safdar Jang , nephew of Burhan ...

Lucknow  Then and Now

Cultural history of Lucknow, India; contributed articles.

Sudbury Then and Now

McKinnon & Davidson's Nash Garage, corner of Elm and Lorne, circa 1913. 164.
Hotel bus that met all trains. 165. A. R.. 161. Levack Transportation Co., Levack
station to mine, circa 1914. 163. Sudbury Automobile Club, Elgin Street, circa ...

Sudbury Then and Now

Constructing Cultures Then and Now

36/ Lucy Antko, wife of James Teit, 1897 37/James Teit and two friends in Lerwick
, Scotland, prior to his departure to Canada 38/James Teit's uncle John Murray in
British Columbia, circa 1888 39/ Spences Bridge, B.C., 1887 40/ Spences ...

Constructing Cultures Then and Now