The Snowmobile Bible Progressive Safety Over Dangerous Terrain

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The Snowmobile Bible  Progressive Safety Over Dangerous Terrain

Snowmobiles security technics over glaciers. Illustrated guide.Moving around glaciers is a dangerous activity in which many accidents have fatal consequences. Throught six years work in Antarctica, the author has gathered data and information resulting from numerous tests and trials carried out on the terrain. The result is this essential piece of work for those who wish to get inside glaciers with snowmobiles. It's all about the first book which explains in detail and with precision the steps that need to be followed in order to be able to control snowmobiles movements. This manual incorporates photographs, tables and diagrams which help the reader to understand the theoretic lines, and includes a small first aid guide and simulated self-rescue exercises as well as practical exercises for participants and clients traversing glaciers. The Snowmobile Bible fills a documentary void and it does so using clear and practical language which makes it a reference manual apt for any public.