Spell of Desire

A fraught romance between a witch and her knight, from the creator of Midnight Secretary!

Spell of Desire

Kaoruko Mochizuki runs an herb shop in a small seaside town. One day, a mysterious man dressed in black named Kaname Hibiki enters her shop and reveals that Kaoruko is actually a witch. And what’s more, Kaoruko needs Kaname to help control her awakening power! With the reawakening of the Witch Queen, Kaoruko and Kaname are called back to the coven. As his punishment for betraying the Witch Queen and falling in love with Kaoruko, Kaname has his five senses, and even his memories of Kaoruko, stripped from him. Unable to fight against such a powerful spell, the two are in despair, but they discover that Kaoruko, who has received the blessing of a white witch, may be the only one capable of breaking that spell!

Guardian s Spell

... Nature Castle Sin Series Stone – Book 1 Hawk – Book 2 Kane – Book 3 Ace – Book 4 Parker – Book 5 Zeke – Book 6 Shane – Book 7 Danton – Book 8 Billy & Mongo – Book 9 Peyton – Book 10 Club Devil's Cove Series His Devil's DesireBook ...

Guardian s Spell

Forged by Twilight Paranormal Romance Love Awakens Their Royal Soul For weeks, Blane Pazu, aka the immortal demon king Pazuzu, experienced the increasing pull of his lifemate— he’d felt her for years but suddenly it threatened to tear his insides apart. The timing couldn't have been worse; he needed to first find his lost amulet to break Lucifer’s curse on his kind and thereby save humanity… so he chose to ignore it. “This amulet chose you to form a mate-bond with the demon it belongs to. If you fail to find him, humanity will die.” Zara Santiago came to Sin City five years ago to hide from her past. She should’ve known better than to allow the supposed witch, Madame Hilda, to spout out her fortune. For one, she didn’t believe in anything as frivolous as the mystique world, let alone demons or angels. Therefore, the amulet was set aside in her home and forgotten about… until it started to glow. The day the black-haired pixie arrived at his gym, Blane knew he was lost. How could he trust a stranger who was asking too many questions and knew exactly what his amulet looked like? Was the evil goddess behind her appearance…or Lucifer himself? Why then, knowing the danger of trusting her held for them all, was it possible that the feisty mortal with the huge blue eyes managed to unleash Blane’s darkest passion? A Guardian’s Spell had been cast but Blane was left wondering… who wielded the power? Him… or the mortal human? Editor’s note: Otherworldly creatures, curses, and pleasures. Guardian’s Spell will keep your eyes wide, your jaw hanging open, and your mind wondering just what doing THAT with a demon king with TWO would be like.

Hermead Volume 5

Standing in line to receive blessing spell, Eleuthia and clever philosopher, Epikouros, express desire to play Zeus and Hera in Hierogamia ritual of holy marriage in roles of high gods, then kneel before living Goddess Athena who binds ...

Hermead Volume 5

Hermead of Surazeus is an epic poem in pentameter blank verse about the greatest philosophers and scientists who contributed to the growth of civilization. Volume 5 contains in 20,780 lines of blank verse the following episodes: Library Of Demetrios Phalereus, Garden Of Epikouros, Spheres Of Arkhimedes, Organ Of Ktesibios, Parallels Of Eratosthenes.

Fushi no Kami Rebuilding Civilization Starts With a Village Volume 5

“As a reward for your skill and victory in the tournament, I will now hear out your wish. Is there anything you desire?” And thus, Alicia started incanting the spell that would prevent the red-haired boy from running away.

Fushi no Kami  Rebuilding Civilization Starts With a Village Volume 5

After defeating the treants in Ajole village, Ash and the Territory Reform Promotion Office embark on a trip to the Sukun region, famous for its hot springs. Maika sees this as the perfect opportunity to confess her feelings for Ash but is beaten to the draw by the boy’s words, “I like you, but my heart lies somewhere else.” Following her rejection, Maika makes it her mission to change Ash’s mind by participating in the Royal Sword Tournament, where the winner is granted any wish. It’s the same tournament that was once won by her father, Klein, who used his victory to ask for Yuika’s hand in marriage! Thus, Maika prepares to put on a legendary performance in the name of love! This is the fifth chapter of the story about a young boy who sets out to revolutionize the world in order to rebuild civilization and create his ideal life!

Against All Gods Verdan Chronicles Volume 5

He attempted to cast a spell to illuminate the chamber, but even his spell failed. Warbow was undaunted. He took three more steps forward. He saw nothing but darkness and expected at any moment to trip over a bench or run into a support ...

Against All Gods  Verdan Chronicles  Volume 5

Over the course of the first four volumes Verdan has overcome war, massive destruction from the heavens and the rebirth of ancient powers that threaten the fragile peace promised by the Fourth Age. While the Verdan Council attempts to protect the world, a struggle in Izmira occupies many of the kingdom’s heroes. Meanwhile, Celecia and Dakoran agree to help the dwarves reclaim Sharalla. If successful, Celecia plans to continue her journey in an attempt to learn how to control her growing mystic ability. And while the humans, elves and dragons seek to make sense of this new world, they unwittingly anger many of the gods. Othan presents an ultimatum. Asac unleashes a curse. Jamut and Kezar seek vengeance. While Mermis remains quiet, it is left to Enya, the goddess not heard from in ages to provide vital information and clues for what is yet to come. In Against All Gods heroes and villains will need to overcome obstacles, both mortal and divine.

Oxford Studies in Agency and Responsibility Volume 5

But when an agent has the capacity to desire to do what he believes he has reason to do and fails to exercise it when its exercise is called for ... We can spell out exactly what difference we have in mind when we make this distinction.

Oxford Studies in Agency and Responsibility Volume 5

Oxford Studies in Agency and Responsibility is a series of volumes presenting outstanding new work on a set of connected themes, investigating such questions as: · What does it mean to be an agent? · What is the nature of moral responsibility? Of criminal responsibility? What is the relation between moral and criminal responsibility (if any)? · What is the relation between responsibility and the metaphysical issues of determinism and free will? · What do various psychological disorders tell us about agency and responsibility? · How do moral agents develop? How does this developmental story bear on questions about the nature of moral judgment and responsibility? · What do the results from neuroscience imply (if anything) for our questions about agency and responsibility? No one has written more insightfully on the promises and perils of human agency than Gary Watson, who has spent a career thinking about issues such as moral responsibility, blame, free will, weakness of will, addiction, and psychopathy. This special edition of OSAR pays tribute to Watson's work by taking up and extending themes from his pioneering essays.

The Boyfriend Spell

Tales From Seldon Park To Catch A Duke (Book 1) Far Beyond Scandalous (Book 2) At The Stroke of Midnight (Book 3) A Viscount of Mystery (Book 4) A Marquess Is Forever (Book 5) The Secret Seduction of Lady Eliza (Book 6) From The ...

The Boyfriend Spell

To say that life isn’t going as planned for Gettysburg ghost tour operator Faith Reynolds is a bit of an understatement. Nicknamed “Miss Mouse” because of her lack of self-confidence, Faith is facing the possible loss of her business. She’s also being pressured to date a man she’s not interested in just to please her father, and watching the man she’s secretly been in love with for years possibly end up as some other woman’s arm candy. Unfortunately, she also sees no way to change her current situation. Fellow ghost tour operator Alex Lafayette was once the poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks. Now he’s wealthy, successful, and fielding more offers than he can possibly handle. Despite the best efforts of the women in town, he’s also very much alone because the woman he wants doesn’t seem to want him in return. Though Alex has been in love with Faith since they were kids, he’s convinced she sees him as nothing more than a friend. Until one afternoon, unexpected sparks begin to fly between them. Desperate to change her life and snag a date with Alex, Faith begs her best friend, Kara Ford, to cast a so-called “boyfriend spell” to hopefully solve at least one of her problems. Once the spell is cast, Faith feels like a new woman – literally! She’s bold and confident, sexy and brash, and, oh yeah, has managed to snare Alex as the promised boyfriend. However, as the two grow closer both personally and professionally, Faith is forced to wonder if their relationship is simply the result of magic or if what she’s found with Alex is really true love that could last a lifetime? Assuming he never finds out about The Boyfriend Spell, of course! This 110,300-word novel is written in the modern romance style for a slightly hotter read. It may not be appropriate for younger audiences.

Mark Twain s Letters Volume 5

Therefore you can easily believe that if I don't write the paragraphs you desire for your department of the paper , it is not because there ... It is out of all reason that a man , seventy - five years of age , should spell as you do .

Mark Twain s Letters  Volume 5

"Livy darling, it was flattering, at the Lord Mayor's dinner, tonight, to have the nation's honored favorite, the Lord High Chancellor of England, in his vast wig & gown, with a splendid, sword-bearing lackey, following him & holding up his train, walk me arm-in-arm through the brilliant assemblage, & welcome me with all the enthusiasm of a girl, & tell me that when affairs of state oppress him & he can't sleep, he always has my books at hand & forgets his perplexities in reading them!" (10 November 1872) On his first trip to England to gather material for a book and cement relations with his newly authorized English publishers, Samuel Clemens was astounded to find himself hailed everywhere as a literary lion. America's premier humorist had begun his long tenure as an international celebrity. Meanwhile, he was coming into his full power at home. The Innocents Abroad continued to produce impressive royalties and his new book, Roughing It, was enjoying great popularity. In newspaper columns he appeared regularly as public advocate and conscience, speaking on issues as disparate as safety at sea and political corruption. Clemens's personal life at this time was for the most part fulfilling, although saddened by the loss of his nineteen-month-old son, Langdon, who died of diphtheria. Life in the Nook Farm community of writers and progressive thinkers and activists was proving to be all the Clemenses had hoped for. The 309 letters in this volume, more than half of them never before published, capture the events of these years with detailed intimacy. Thoroughly annotated and indexed, they are supplemented by genealogical charts of the Clemens and Langdon families, a transcription of the journals Clemens kept during his 1872 visit to England, book contracts, his preface to the English edition of The Gilded Age, contemporary photographs of family and friends, and a gathering of all newly discovered letters written between 1865 and 1871. This volume is the fifth in the only complete edition of Mark Twain's letters ever attempted, and the twenty-fourth in the comprehensive edition known as The Mark Twain Papers and Works of Mark Twain.

The Renaissance New Testament Volume 5

Translation - " ... and the conflicting pressures of the age and the deceitfulness of wealth and the intense desires for the other things , having entered in , choke the word and it becomes unfruitful . " Comment : Here is a formula for ...

The Renaissance New Testament Volume 5

Desire for Immortality

Volume 5 Zun Huang. punching out fiercely. ... "This is the Grand Sun Gold Body Spell, an unparalleled supreme technique that encompasses the supreme might of the Great Solar Universe Art. It is able to suppress all martial arts.

Desire for Immortality

The ancient cultivators of great powers, once they thought of becoming demons, and once they thought of becoming buddhas, there were also experts of the martial way that broke through the void. They were the only ones who had the right to do so. In chaotic times, geniuses would rise to prominence. The imperial government, sects, aristocratic families, and foreign races would battle with each other for karmic luck. Who could emerge from the masses and become a true dragon, reaching the peak of perfection? Like this book... 

Konosuba God s Blessing on This Wonderful World Vol 5 light novel

Yunyun's desire to save everybody had clearly banished her embarrassment for the moment. But I would have to keep an eye on her, because I was ... Where is this secret spell of yours?” Sylvia's taunt showed she was starting to get ...

Konosuba  God s Blessing on This Wonderful World   Vol  5  light novel

After Kazuma and crew's less-than-relaxing vacation, Yunyun burst onto the scene with shocking news-the Crimson Magic Clan is in danger, and she wants to bear his children to save it! Kazuma returns with her to the village, but the situation isn't quite what he expected...

Arifureta Zero Volume 5

Of course, it used less mana and activated faster than a spell of similar strength would, but that was all. ... Everyone believed the reason she'd put in that much effort was because of her devotion to Ehit and her desire to be useful ...

Arifureta Zero  Volume 5

The Liberators have continued steadily growing in strength. But after discovering the true nature of her ancient magic, Miledi has transformed into a totally different person. Oscar and the others are shocked by the sudden change, nevertheless, they track down Laus and send a rescue party to save him. But the church is hot on his trail and his battles have left him exhausted. Will the Liberators find him first...or will Ehit's pawns?

Savage Sword of Conan


Savage Sword of Conan

This volume contains some of the most ambitious adaptations of Conan material to date, reprinting the epic battle that leads to Conan becoming the king of Aquilonia in "Conan the Liberator," the sword-and-sorcery classic "Sword of Skelos," and the exhilarating "Conan and the Sorcerer." Collecting selections from The Savage Sword of Conan the Barbarian issues 49 through 60, this volume also includes the frontispieces and pinups from each issue, drawn by such amazing talent as Ernie Chan, Carl Potts, and Neal Adams! As a special bonus, you'll find a companion piece to Savage Sword Volume 1's "A Witch Shall Be Born" story-that hasn't seen print since its original publication in 1980! * For the first time ever, these classic, uncensored tales are being collected in a series of omnibus-style books, with over 500 pages of sword-and-sorcery adventure in each volume — for the complete Conan collector! * A New York Times bestseller!

Advances in Environmental Psychology Volume 5

A persistent physician who desires information about individual patients should be reminded of the initial agreement ... In order to obtain truly informed consent, the informed consent form must detail all procedures and spell out all ...

Advances in Environmental Psychology  Volume 5

The development of a field or an area of inquiry is often marked by changes in measurement techniques, shifts in analytic emphasis, and disputes over the best ways of doing research. In many areas of psychology, a number of issues have characterized methodological evolution of the discipline, including questions regarding context and reductionism, or laboratory versus field research. For some of the newer areas in psychology, such as environment or health psychology, this is not an issue of either/or. Although there has been some debate about these trade-offs, it is generally regarded by people in this field that some combination of the two approaches is essential. Depending on the question being studied this balance may change. However, the questions asked are less likely to inquire ‘which way is better’ and concentrate on how both may be used. This observation serves to illustrate the fact that different research endeavours have different methodological issues. Originally published in 1985, this volume explores some of the issues characterizing work on health, environment, and behavior.

Newgate Narratives

and I held up the rope for her inspection; 'it must have been an accident, – a craving desire to become a perfect ... again in about two hours: 'I've been a reading your book,' says he, 'and I mean to take another spell at it presently.

Newgate Narratives

Presents a representative body of Romantic and early Victorian crime literature. This work contains ephemeral material ranging from gallows broadsides to reports into prison conditions. It is suitable for those studying Literature, Romantic and Victorian popular culture, Dickens Studies and the History of Criminology.

The Essays of Virginia Woolf Volume 5

The old book seller, writing with a fine pen dipped in a little penny bottle of ink was one of his characters. ... the book was put back on the shelf; and, <since the desire to believe had <been roused but> not been gratified> as ...

The Essays of Virginia Woolf  Volume 5

Fiction was the core of Virginia Woolf's work. But she took her essay writing very seriously, spending a great deal of time on each essay and finding they provided a refreshing diversion from fiction. Her essays informed her fiction, and vice versa; this volume shows her thinking about the possibility of poeticising the novel (The Waves was the result) and in some of these pieces ('Women and Fiction', 'Women and Leisure') she considers the relationship between women, writing and society - the preoccupation that would become such a large part of her legacy. The Common Reader: Second Series comprises a significant part of this volume - it was first published in 1932 to excellent reviews. ('They are wholly delightful. They are sensitive, acute, picturesque, humorous, and yet severe.' Vita Sackville-West; 'Is there anybody writing anywhere in the world at this moment who could surpass the essay...so beautifully moulded into a form appropriate to its content that what is an authentic critical masterpiece seems as light on the mind as a song?' Rebecca West) This collection shows Woolf's genius as a critic and essayist: as well as displaying her perceptive understanding of writers and their work, it also offers us an important insight into her creative mind. Continuing the work of former editor Andrew McNeillie, Stuart N. Clarke brings fresh light to Woolf's essays and enriches them with variations. This penultimate volume forms part of an indispensable, unique collection from one of our greatest writers.

In Search of Lost Time Vol 5

But at the same time, because it would be less painful, the objections against my certainty of her guilt, which were inspired in my mind only by my desire not to suffer too acutely, would collapse one by one; and, ...

In Search of Lost Time  Vol 5

THE ACCLAIMED FULLY REVISED EDITION OF THE SCOTT MONCRIEFF AND KILMARTIN TRANSLATION In the two novels - The Captive and The Fugitive - contained in this volume, Proust's narrator is living in his mother's apartment in Paris with his lover, Albertine. However, this is far from an idyllic state of affairs. His obsessive love for her means that their relationship is shadowed by jealousy and headed for tragedy.

Biblical Illustrator Volume 5

Is your plan, then, the first thing in your desire, or God's plan? Is it the building of your nest or the achievement of the world's redemption? He is the Alpha and Omegawe are to fit in somewhere in His Divine alphabet and spell out ...

Biblical Illustrator  Volume 5

Would you like it if one of the greatest preachers could help you prepare your sermons? How about 20+ ministers to assist you with your sermon? Joseph Exell included content from some of the most famous preachers such as Dwight L. Moody, Charles Spurgeon, J. C. Ryle, Charles Hodge, Alexander MacLaren, Adam Clark, Matthew Henry and many more. He compiled this 56 volume Biblical Illustrator Commentary and Delmarva Publications, Inc. is publishing it in a 6 volume digital set with a linked table of contents for ease of studying. This set includes the analysis on entire Bible, Old and New Testament. Complete your resources with this Biblical Illustrator by Joseph Exell.

Courtney Crumrin Volume 5 The Witch Next Door


Courtney Crumrin  Volume 5  The Witch Next Door

The first five issues of the full-color Courtney Crumrin comic series are collected for the first time in a special hardcover edition! Holly Hart is new to Hillsborough and witchcraft. When her family moves in next to Courtney, the two girls quickly become friends. But as Courtney watches Holly making the same mistakes she once made, she begins to have second thoughts about teaching the girl magic. And when Holly sees the aftermath of the other children's "adventures" with Courtney, her suspicions cause her to make a dangerous decision.

Black Summoner Volume 5

We had to get going and bring things to an end while the buff the spell provided us was still in effect. Mel, you ready? ... I understood their worries, but I also understood Rion's desire for payback given what Zel had done to Alex.

Black Summoner  Volume 5

Shortly after Kelvin’s promotion to the coveted position of Rank S adventurer, the militaristic country of Trycen declared war on the entire Eastern Continent. In addition to launching an invasion of its neighboring countries, their infamous Dragon Knight Order is now closing in on Parth, led by Crown Prince Azgrad himself. The only thing standing between this dreadful host of warriors and ancient dragons — exceptionally powerful members of their mighty race — and the City of Peace is the Summoner’s determined companions and allies, who have been given the task of buying time until reinforcements arrive. At the same time, Tristan Faaze, the general of the Magic Knight Order, is hatching a terrible plot within Trycen itself, targeting Shutola, the princess and general of the Black Ops, who weeps for her country’s fate. Come along for the ride as this black-clad Grim Reaper and his battle junkie friends clash with the Demon Lord in the fifth volume of this epic journey!