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Gender in Learning and Teaching

Author: Carol A. Taylor
Publisher: Routledge
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Format Type: PDF, Kindle
Size: 23,73 MB
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Gender in Learning and Teaching brings together leading gender and feminist scholars to provide a unique collection of international research into learning and teaching. Through dialogues across national traditions and boundaries, the authors provide new insights into the relations between feminist scholarship of pedagogy, gender and didactics, and offer in-depth accounts that critically investigate how gender relations are enacted, contested and analysed at the level of the classroom, the curriculum, and the institution. Drawing on original research, the chapters explore gender dynamics in relation to student-teacher interactions, gendered classroom practices, curriculum content and knowledge formation in different subjects. The book includes accounts of innovative approaches to curriculum development to address gender inequality. It includes new theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches which provide fresh insights into gendered practices including intersectionality, new material feminism, epistemic gender positioning and cultural anthropology. The chapters span all education phases from early years to higher education. This book makes a compelling case for the continuing relevance of feminist pedagogy and the urgent need for strategies to address gender inequalities in the classroom and beyond. It will be of great interest to academics and postgraduate students in the fields of theory, philosophy and feminist politics of learning and teaching; education and didactics; feminism and pedagogy; sociology and the arts.

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