The Three Strangers and Other Stories Level 3 Oxford Bookworms Library

Read The Three Strangers, to the line, ' “Your money or your life!” cried the policeman loudly.' Who said this, and to whom? Who or what were they talking about? 1 'There's only one more thing that I need to make me happy.

The Three Strangers and Other Stories Level 3 Oxford Bookworms Library

A level 3 Oxford Bookworms Library graded readers. Retold for Learners of English by Clare West. On a stormy winter night, a stranger knocks at the door of a shepherd’s cottage. He is cold and hungry, and wants to get out of the rain. He is welcomed inside, but he does not give his name or his business. Who is he, and where has he come from? And he is only the first visitor to call at the cottage that night . . . In these three short stories, Thomas Hardy gives us pictures of the lives of shepherds and hangmen, dukes and teachers. But rich or poor, young or old, they all have the same feelings of fear, hope, love, jealousy . . .

Three Elephant Power and Other Stories

They contribute their mites to thegeneral fund, some putting in a pound, othershalf a sovereign, andthe Oracle takesit into the ring to invest, half onthe favourite and half onRoyal Scot. He finds that the favourite is at twoto one, ...

Three Elephant Power and Other Stories

"Them things," said Alfred the chauffeur, tapping the speed indicator with his fingers, "them things are all right for the police. But, Lord, you can fix 'em up if you want to. Did you ever hear about Henery, that used to drive for old John BullÑabout Henery and the elephant?" Alfred was chauffeur to a friend of mine who owned a very powerful car. Alfred was part of that car. Weirdly intelligent, of poor physique, he might have been any age from fifteen to eighty. His education had been somewhat hurried, but there was no doubt as to his mechanical ability. He took to a car like a young duck to water. He talked motor, thought motor, and would have acceptedÑI won't say with enthusiasm, for Alfred's motto was 'Nil admirari'Ñbut without hesitation, an offer to drive in the greatest race in the world. He could drive really well, too; as for belief in himself, after six months' apprenticeship in a garage he was prepared to vivisect a six-cylinder engine with the confidence of a diplomaed bachelor of engineering. Barring a tendency to flash driving, and a delight in persecuting slow cars by driving just in front of them and letting them come up and enjoy his dust, and then shooting away again, he was a respectable member of society. When his boss was in the car he cloaked the natural ferocity of his instincts; but this day, with only myself on board, and a clear run of a hundred and twenty miles up to the station before him, he let her loose, confident that if any trouble occurred I would be held morally responsible.

Three Virgins and Other Stories

Thus it was easy, today, to turn his attention to the other two targets. At first glance, they both seemed more to Rakesh's taste. In his experience, the ideal was between the ages of 16 and 23. It would be welldressed and smart, ...

Three Virgins and Other Stories

Author-artist Manjula Padmanabhan returns with ten stories: five new, five old, some dark, some funny, all edgy. A vampire visits New Delhi, a space traveler returns to her ancestral home, a character from an ancient epic is transported into the future... To each story Padmanabhan brings an unexpected twist, a touch of satire, a whiff of cynicism, a delicious undercurrent of dark humour. Drawing on her earlier, highly acclaimed anthology, Hot Death Cold Soup, and adding new stories to it, Padmanabhan presents a potent and sometimes disturbing collection that will leave readers asking for more. Published by Zubaan.

Soldiers Three and Other Stories

(AN INTERVAL OF THREE WEEKS) GILDED YOUTH. ... MISS THREEGAN and MISS DEERCOURT meet among the 'rickshaws. ... taking away all the books, placing books in 'rickshaw, returning to arm, securing hand by the third finger and investigating.

Soldiers Three and Other Stories

'Soldiers Three' concerns the exploits of Privates Mulvaney, Ortheris and Laeroyd; 'The Story of the Gadsbys' introduces an Anglo-Indian family living in the Indian mountains; and 'In Black and White' brilliantly captures the excitement and rich colour of the sub-continent.

Soldiers Three and Other Stories by Rudyard Kipling Delphi Classics Illustrated

(AN INTERVAL OF THREE WEEKS.) GILDED YOUTH. ... MISS THREEGAN and MISS DEERCOURT meet among the 'rickshaws. MISST. is carrying a bundle of books under her ... (Capturing her friend's left arm, taking away all the books, placing books ...

Soldiers Three and Other Stories by Rudyard Kipling   Delphi Classics  Illustrated

This eBook features the unabridged text of ‘Soldiers Three and Other Stories by Rudyard Kipling - Delphi Classics (Illustrated)’ from the bestselling edition of ‘The Complete Works of Rudyard Kipling’. Having established their name as the leading publisher of classic literature and art, Delphi Classics produce publications that are individually crafted with superior formatting, while introducing many rare texts for the first time in digital print. The Delphi Classics edition of Kipling includes original annotations and illustrations relating to the life and works of the author, as well as individual tables of contents, allowing you to navigate eBooks quickly and easily. eBook features: * The complete unabridged text of ‘Soldiers Three and Other Stories by Rudyard Kipling - Delphi Classics (Illustrated)’ * Beautifully illustrated with images related to Kipling’s works * Individual contents table, allowing easy navigation around the eBook * Excellent formatting of the textPlease visit to learn more about our wide range of titles

Cup Man and Other Stories

I'll make sure the Senior Divisional Officer visits all the other services first to give him enough time to get back. Let's hope he is sick or just ... Then they contributed money and paid for the other three. However, there was still ...

Cup Man and Other Stories

This is a collection of eight fictional short stories on themes such as the intrigues of the civil service, drunkenness, theft, matrimonial relations and living as an African immigrant in the West.

The soldier s kitten and other stories

Half - Crown and Three Shillings Series — Continued . 11. JAMES NISBET : A Study for Young Men . By the Rev. ... And other Tales . Illustrated . 2. ... OLD ANDY'S MONEY : An Irish Story . By Letitia M'Clintock . And other Tales .

The soldier s kitten  and other stories

Women are strange and other stories

Three Vols . Crown 8vo . KEPT IN THE DARK . By ANTHONY_TROLLOPE . With a Frontispiece by J. E. MILLAIS , R.A. Two Vols . Post 8vo . VAL STRANGE : a Story of the Primrose Way . By DAVID CHRISTIE MURRAY , Author of “ Joseph's Coat , ” etc ...

Women are strange  and other stories

The Potters of Firsk and Other Stories

Now for this other stuff, we got to go around to the front. ... At a table near the door three men sat playing cards; nearby stood the dark thick man called James. ... Tom Hand scribbled out a bill, took Milke's money.

The Potters of Firsk and Other Stories

The Potters of Firsk includes the majority of Vance's 'Magnus Ridolph' stories, previously collected in The Many Worlds of Magnus Ridolph. In the VIE edition this book is titled Gadget Stories. Contents: Planet of the Black Dust, Dead Ahead ("Ultimate Quest"), Hard Luck Diggings, Sanatoris Short-cut, The Unspeakable McInch, The Howling Bounders, The King of Thieves, The Sub-standard Sardines, To B or Not to C or to D ("Cosmic Hotfoot"), Spa of the Stars, The Enchanted Princess ("The Dreamer"), The Potters of Firsk, The Visitors ("Winner Lose All"), Plagian Siphon ("The Uninhibited Robot"; "The Planet Machine"), Dover Spargill's Ghastly Floater, Sabotage on Sulfur Planet, Three Legged Joe, Four Hundred Blackbirds, Sjambak, Parapsyche, Sail 25 ("Gateway to Strangeness"; "Dust of Far Suns"). All Jack Vance titles in the SFGateway use the author's preferred texts, as restored for the Vance Integral Edition (VIE), an extensive project masterminded by an international online community of Vance's admirers. In general, we also use the VIE titles, and have adopted the arrangement of short story collections to eliminate overlaps.

The Stem Cell Quarterback Other Stories

Today's front page – in stories three – Incite the rage of even me; Your highway chief kickbacks does take – A common ... “The wisdom is conventional That money flows intentional From those below right to your hand In increments all ...

The Stem Cell Quarterback   Other Stories

Short Story Collection

Starting from Loomis and Other Stories

Three. Spanish. Girls. When I was almost eight we moved to town—my parents had taken over the fish market/grocery store. One good thing about the move was that I didn't have to ride the bus to school and risk missing it going home, ...

Starting from Loomis and Other Stories

A memoir in short stories, Starting from Loomis chronicles the life of accomplished writer, playwright, poet, and actor Hiroshi Kashiwagi. In this dynamic portrait of an aging writer trying to remember himself as a younger man, Kashiwagi recalls and reflects upon the moments, people, forces, mysteries, and choices—the things in his life that he cannot forget—that have made him who he is. Central to this collection are Kashiwagi’s confinement at Tule Lake during World War II, his choice to answer “no” and “no” to questions 27 and 28 on the official government loyalty questionnaire, and the resulting lifelong stigma of being labeled a “No-No Boy” after his years of incarceration. His nonlinear, multifaceted writing not only reflects the fragmentations of memory induced by traumas of racism, forced removal, and imprisonment but also can be read as a bold personal response to the impossible conditions he and other Nisei faced throughout their lifetimes.

The Arrival of Jimpson and Other Stories

Three times three for Harvard!” The band played wildly, frenziedly, out of time and tune; the crowd strained its tired throats for one last farewell slogan; the men in the barge waved their hands; the horses jumped forward; ...

The Arrival of Jimpson and Other Stories

Reproduction of the original: The Arrival of Jimpson and Other Stories by Ralph Henry Barbour

Thunderstruck Other Stories

that three of the stories in this collection—“Something Amazing,” “Some Terpsichore,” and “The Lost & Found Department of Greater Boston”—were once chapters in a novel you were working on. The novel didn't work out, but you were able to ...

Thunderstruck   Other Stories

WINNER OF THE STORY PRIZE • LONGLISTED FOR THE NATIONAL BOOK AWARD • NAMED ONE OF THE TEN BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY NEWSDAY NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY The Washington Post • San Francisco Chronicle • O: The Oprah Magazine • The Miami Herald • Publishers Weekly • Kirkus Reviews Look for special features inside. Join the Random House Reader’s Circle for author chats and more. From the author of the beloved novel The Giant’s House—finalist for the National Book Award—comes a beautiful new story collection, her first in twenty years. Laced through with the humor, the empathy, and the rare and magical descriptive powers that have led Elizabeth McCracken’s fiction to be hailed as “exquisite” (The New York Times Book Review), “funny and heartbreaking” (The Boston Globe), and “a true marvel” (San Francisco Chronicle), these nine vibrant stories navigate the fragile space between love and loneliness. In “Property,” selected by Geraldine Brooks for The Best American Short Stories, a young scholar, grieving the sudden death of his wife, decides to refurbish the Maine rental house they were to share together by removing his landlord’s possessions. In “Peter Elroy: A Documentary by Ian Casey,” the household of a successful filmmaker is visited years later by his famous first subject, whose trust he betrayed. In “The Lost & Found Department of Greater Boston,” the manager of a grocery store becomes fixated on the famous case of a missing local woman, and on the fate of the teenage son she left behind. And in the unforgettable title story, a family makes a quixotic decision to flee to Paris for a summer, only to find their lives altered in an unimaginable way by their teenage daughter’s risky behavior. In Elizabeth McCracken’s universe, heartache is always interwoven with strange, charmed moments of joy—an unexpected conversation with small children, the gift of a parrot with a bad French accent—that remind us of the wonder and mystery of being alive. Thunderstruck & Other Stories shows this inimitable writer working at the full height of her powers. Praise for Thunderstruck & Other Stories “Restorative, unforgettable . . . a powerful testament to the scratchy humor and warm intelligence of McCracken’s writing.”—Sylvia Brownrigg, The New York Times Book Review (Editor’s Choice) “[A] bewitching and wise collection . . . playful, even joyful.”—O: The Oprah Magazine “Stunningly beautiful . . . brilliantly moving . . . Moments of joy and pure magic flicker and pitch-perfect humor acts as a furtive SOS signal through the fog of loss.”—Los Angeles Times “Each of Thunderstruck’s nine stories is a storm: delightful and destructive, packed with electricity, fascinating to watch unfold.”—Salon “The stories here are brilliant, funny and heartbreaking. . . . Elizabeth McCracken is a national treasure.”—Paul Harding, The Wall Street Journal “Pure delight: one lyrical, impeccably constructed sentence after another.”—Chicago Tribune “Beautifully wrought . . . As painstaking as a watchmaker, McCracken disassembles life down to its smallest parts.”—The Boston Globe

The Hand of the Mighty and Other Stories

young men and here were three, and of the three, one was unmistakably in love with her, and supposing she should marry again. ... Fortunately, at this juncture, Madame Dennie's bankers in Paris forwarded a considerable sum of money, ...

The Hand of the Mighty and Other Stories

Reproduction of the original: The Hand of the Mighty and Other Stories by Vaughan Kester

The Small Faces Other Stories

Packet Of Three for a studio follow-up, too. ... After five weeks of this, we realised Risky Business was losing us money – our money. ... one of my favourite stories about Steve Marriott, like, 'I wanna play more. I didn't get enough, ...

The Small Faces   Other Stories

The Small Faces & Other Stories is a trip back in time, charting the rise and fall of one of the Sixties most energetic and successful bands. It is the extraordinary story of how this bold four-piece, led by mercurial cockney Steve Marriot, found fame and then splintered by the end of the decade to evolve into Humble Pie with Peter Frampton, and the Faces fronted by Rod Stewart. Along the way their trademark songs Itchycoo Park, All or Nothing, Stay With Me and Baby I Love Your Way would influence future generations of musicians such as Paul Weller, Ocean Colour Scene and Blur. By way of anecdote, interview and analysis, Uli Twelker and Roland Schmitt lift the lid on the bands’ complex histories and the explosive characters involved that built one of rock music’s most enduring and successful family trees.

The Great Secret and Other Stories for Youngest Readers

Three copies a year for $ 4 ; five copies for $ 6 ; each additional copy for $ 1.20 . ... The Nursery Series OF STORIES AND PICTURES . ... THE GREAT SECRET , and Other Stories . frontispiece of " MARY AND HER DOG . " $ 1.25 .

The Great Secret and Other Stories for Youngest Readers

Destroy All Monsters and Other Stories

He was at the far end of the patio, with Abdelkarim and the three other kids ringed around him. Like a story from the war. Surrounded by brown children; handing out candy. The three kids knew each other. Hanging close, elbows rubbing.

Destroy All Monsters  and Other Stories

Contains ten short fiction stories in which Greg Hrbek explores what it means to be human and inhuman.

Intimate Strangers and Other Stories

I was going to buy a shop three years ago, but I put the money into Hert-win when I got that tip from you.” “You remember I didn't want to give you the tip and I told you you'd probably lose your shirt.” “I never blamed you, ...

Intimate Strangers and Other Stories

Sara, the American wife of a French aristocrat, has had two encounters with her compatriot Cedric Killian, one a youthful idyll in North Carolina and the other during the First World War, when he was a soldier about to go to battle. When, years later and after the death of her husband, Cedric contacts her out of the blue, Sara finds herself eager to see him again - against the wishes of her in-laws - and to find out the secret of this man she loves yet knows so little about. A poignant tale of thwarted love, 'The Intimate Strangers' explores many of Fitzgerald's favourite themes, such as the constraints of social pressure on romance and the American fascination for Old Europe. This volume also includes other lesser-known stories he wrote from the mid-1930s until the end of his life, revealing new facets to the author of The Great Gatsby and Tender Is the Night.

Love of Life and Other Stories

“And we start at three o'clock, for I am their man, and that which they say is to be done, I do. ... There was a great light, and I saw clear, and I knew that it was not for money that a man must live, but for a happiness that no man ...

Love of Life  and Other Stories

Reproduction of the original.

Michel Lorio s cross and other stories By Hesba Stretton

Prioe Three Shillings and Sixponce each . AUNT MARY'S BRAN PIE . By the Author of ' St. Olave's ' & c . Illustrated . Fcp . 8vo . cloth . SUNNYLAND STORIES . By the Author of St. Olave's ' & c . Illustrated . Fcp . 8vo . cloth .

Michel Lorio s cross  and other stories  By Hesba Stretton